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This is a detailed description of the solve for the 4th part of the Ararat Oculus puzzle in rune #6.

1. make note of the locations of the blue dots that appear and glow


2. Symbol #1 is Kriel's symbol near Tampa, FL; symbol #2 is now know to be near Fingal's Cave, at Staffa, Scotland


3. Symbol #1 is near Shanghai, China; symbol #2 is near Sao Paolo, Brazil


4. Symbol #1 is Ama's symbol in India; symbol #2 is Mike's symbol near Adelaide, Australia


5. each dot is the location of each of the symbols from above


6. note that each wave spanning the map at one point connects two pairs of locations, and that when the 3 are combined, they connect at one spot


7. looking at the symbol having been clicked, according to the runic report, its sound is AR


8. the waves connect at this spot - in Turkey


9. the only location starting with AR, that has runes for each syllable, is ARARAT, giving us the solution:

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