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Note: All items listed below are ordered oldest to most recent, and the descriptions are point form summaries of the detailed events (see monthly links accordingly). See the [ Outline ] for a simple chronological summary of ARG events.

Game Timeline summary

September 2006

(Sept 21)

  • Mike is kidnapped and released

- EWO adds a new entry saying Mike contacted him sending no less than 6 video messages. The post ends with a link to a "missing tape from Faith video camera.

(Sept 18)

  • Leaving alone

- Faith posts a new update saying she is leaving Istanbul without Mike. She also gets a shot of the man with a white hat present in her hotel room at night.

  • Mike is gone

- While Mike and Faith is scouting a bazaar Mike is kidnapped. Their hotelroom gets ransaked. Faith is losing faith.

(Sept 17)

  • Closer than ever

- Faith updates us on her time in Turkey with a few pictures (the man with a white hat appears numerous times), her time with Mike, and tells us they'll be walking around Istanbul tomorrow.

  • Unexplained grafiti symbol

- A link to a video was posted in the forums from Sao Paolo showing a large grafiti symbol- the one seen in the most recent oculus puzzle.

(Sept 16)

  • Feel the pull

- Faith and Mike have left India and are now in Turkey, on their way to Ararat.

  • Unexplained crop symbol

- EWO posted a new picture which shows us the symbol for Fingal's Cave in the British Isles.

(Sept 15)

  • Feeling overwhelmed

- Faith posts a new panorama (with the man with a white hat), and Google Earth KMZ locations for Kriel, Mike, and Ama's 'death spots'.

  • Rune #6

- The 6th rune appears on the Oculus, leading us to the next puzzle, vision, and location - Mt.Ararat, Turkey.

(Sept 13)

  • The atlas

- Faith has calmed down, and shares the atlas page she mentioned; she also had another nightmare vision.

  • (META) India update

- EWO posted the India summary section on Oculareffect.com

(Sept 12)

  • Emotions run high

- Faith shares a bit more about her feelings, a few pictures and a video from the top of a mountain where she has emotional outburst from the stress.

(Sept 11)

  • They meet Ghita

- Faith posts about her meeting with Ghita

(Sept 9-10)

  • Faith arrives in India

- she documents Jignesh's tour, an amazing snake charmer/magician, and a mysterious girl in a basement.

  • The next day they can't find the girl, so they go to find Ama, arriving at Ama's shrine; they're going to meet Ama's daughter Ghita tomorrow.
  • (META) Unexplained Pics

- EWO opened his Unexplained Pics section on Oculareffect.com for unexplained paranormal photos, and invites people to send in original paranormal/unexplained photos for discussion and research. He also sent out another mass email update.

  • Steph chimes in

- Steph replied to an email inquiring about Faith and the tarot reading

(Sept 7)

  • It's Faith's Birthday today! (see the card)
  • New rune and Conservatory reports

- A new rune and puzzle showed up which shows us a vision of a woman in India, and directs us to Oculareffect.com.
- The community section of BC now lists an Alumni report and a Runic report
- the tattoos on Faith's stomach were then translated to Palitana, India - Faith's next stop.

  • Thanks and update from Faith

- Faith posts a new blog and thanks us for the birthday card, shows us a message Mike left for her saying he'd be willing to accompany her, and she says farewell to Adelaide.

(Sept 1)

  • Just a quickie

- Faith updated her blog sharing her chat experience

August 2006

(August 31)

  • Faith knows all

- Faith updated her blog telling us about all she learned from EWO and finding out about this community and the oculus. She also quotes the time of her live chat.

  • Live Chat!

- Starting at 9pm ET, Faith's live video chat opens up on Oculareffect.com, allowing people to sign in and ask questions.

(August 29)

  • New ocular vision

- A new rune shows up on the Oculus, giving us a new vision, and forwarding us to a page on Bethlehemconservatory.org which lists a brief profile for Dante Gooderman, including his login, leading to a personnel only page, and a recruitment report.

  • (META) Major announcement

- EWO sends out a new email updating us on the new site design, and informing us that Faith will be working with EWO and others now that she knows about the Oculus, and will be available for a live chat on Aug 31, at 9pm ET.

(August 28)

  • The lawyer's revealed

- Faith updates her blog with a scan of the day planner page from the Outback and a business card, naming Dante Gooderman as the lawyer who gave her the cheque.

  • (META) Updated design

- EWO drasically updates Oculareffect.com with a new, slicker design

(August 26)

  • Paranoia spreads

- Faith sent out a mass email, updating us about her events with Mike, and telling us how to ask her to forward us paranoid emails that she received from Kriel and Madam Steph.

(August 24)

  • To the Outback

- Faith and Mike visit the place where Mike was carjacked and assaulted. A number of significant events happen, including the appearance of the man with a white hat, disappearing footprints from someone who stole Mike's journal, and a piece of paper containing the name of the lawyer from Seattle who gave Faith the cheque.

(August 22)

  • Faith visited Mike's home

- she only recorded a bit in her video blog, but tells us they're heading to the outback tomorrow.

(August 21)

  • Faith went to find the bus driver

- She couldn't find Mike Miles, and informed us in her blog, also asking us to help her find him.
- The CP Inn posted a new media article (video) about the Miracle Mile, on the Tales of the Miracle Mile page - an interview with Mike Miles.
- Faith was given an address to check in her search for Mike Miles, and she replied

(August 20)

  • Faith rides the Miracle Mile bus

- We're given another video by Faith in a new blog entry, where she documents her experience on the Miracle Mile bus with a few interviews with riders.
- Faith's attention is brought to the monkey seen at the end of the bus video, and she replies that she'll try to find the bus driver in the morning to find out if he's the 'monkey man' she's looking for.

(August 19)

  • Faith is in Adelaide

- We hear about Faith's experience flying to Australia in her latest entry, and she shows us her cheap motel room.

(August 17)

  • More pics from Tampa

- Faith posts more photos from her trip to Tampa (she's quite the photographer), while stopping over at LAX on her way to Australia.

  • (META) EWO updates OE.com's news

- EWO posted a news item outlining the current status of the search for Faith, the Oculus, the latest vision.

(August 16)

  • The Occulus displays a new rune

- 00112358.net updates with a new symbol, and clicking it takes us to puzzle #3, where upon solving we're shown vision #3, then directed to Clarenceparkbandb.com

(August 13)

  • Faith asks for help

- Faith posts a video asking for our help in figuring out her next destination
- on sending her an email mentioning her next destination, she replies

  • Faith talks a bit more about her trip

- Another blog post by Faith includes a few images and a Quicktime VR image from a beach

(August 11)

  • Faith talks about Tampa with Kriel

- Faith posts a number of videos on her blog where Kriel gave her a tour, and took her to Madam Steph for a reading

  • (META) EWO updates OE.com's news

- EWO posted a news item overviewing Faith's initial meetup with Kriel.

(August 9)

  • Miss Vix bids Faith farewell

- Miss Vix posts her farewell entry to Faith, who quit Vix Tattoos

  • Faith meets Kriel

- Faith posted a video blog called Road trip, documenting her excursion to Tampa to meet Kriel

  • (META) EWO updates OE.com's news

- EWO posted a news item outlining the current status of the search for Faith, the Oculus, and how we officially came to find Charles Kriel and his site.

(August 8)

  • Kriel performs in Gibsonton, FL

- though not detailed, a news item on his site tells us Gibsonton is his hometown and he's performing at a private event while visiting

  • Faith updates her blog

- Faith posted a second entry called Thanks for the tip, saying she's going to meet Kriel in Tampa

  • Faith updates her blog

- Faith posted a new entry called Leaving Vix, including a video

  • The Occulus displays a new rune

- On the day that Kriel returns to his hometown for a visit, 00112358.net updates with a new symbol, and clicking it takes us to puzzle #2, where upon solving we're shown vision #2, then directed to DVJ Kriel's website

(August 7)

  • Faith updates her blog

- Faith posted a new entry called My visions

(August 4)

  • (META) EWO updates OE.com's news

- EWO posted a news item outlining the current status of the search for Faith, and includes a number of photos from Comic-Con of people who received tattoos resembling Faith's style. Suspiciously, a few are holding the same CD, which points us to Charles Kriel, a DVJ.

July 2006

(July 31)

  • Miss Vix updates her blog

- Miss Vix posts a scan of the article on Faith, in her blog

(July 28)

  • Faith updates her blog

- Faith made a video post on her blog

  • (META) Fallen airs second time

- with the 2nd airing of Fallen, the meta site helpfindher.com gets a facelift, and the first visit to Oculareffect.com is redirected there

(July 23)

  • (META) Fallen airs

- with the airing of Fallen, a new meta site helpfindher.com is shown, and oculareffect.com makes some updates to its design and pages

(July 17)

  • The Occulus Opens

- 00112358.net updates with the Oculus, leading to a puzzle of concetric rings that when aligned forward to Miss Vix's MySpace profile
- her blog then links to Bethlehem Conservatory's website, noting on its Alumni page that Faith Arella is missing
- Vix Tattoos is found to have its own website, hosting Miss Vix's blog and portfolio

  • (META) Countdown ends

(early July)

  • (META) Rabbithole discovered

00112358.net is found with a series of concetric rings, counting down to July 17, 2006.

June 2006

  • Faith updates her blog (June 14)

- Faith made a post on her blog called Sickos

  • Miss Vix updates her blog (June 10)

- Miss Vix updates her her site's blog with an entry called Faith is dynamite

  • Faith updates her blog (June 9)

- Faith made a post on her blog called Me again

  • Faith updates her blog (June 1)

- Faith made a post on her blog called A website at last

May 2006

  • Miss Vix updates her blog (May 29)

- Miss Vix updates her her site's blog with an entry called What a great day

  • Miss Vix updates her blog (May 8)

- Miss Vix updates her her site's blog with an entry called Accountants are sexy

April 2006

  • Miss Vix updates her blog (April 26)

- Miss Vix updates her her site's blog with an entry called The beginning

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