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Back from the Outback

August 24, 2006 9:06pm

Things have gotten very weird here in Adelaide. Mike and I went out to the country which they call the outback here, and despite the fact that we were visiting the place that he almost died and it was freezing, we had a really nice time.

(video - see transcription below)

Unfortunately, when we woke up in the morning Mike realized that his journal was stolen – the one with all his drawings of the symbols.. Someone had been right outside the tent, going through our bags as we slept. Nothing of mine was stolen, even though my camera stuff is pretty valuable. All that was taken was Mike's journal. Mike was pretty upset about it, I can understand that, why would someone want the journal anyway? I was looking forward to seeing it myself - hard to believe that Mike sees the symbols too.

We packed up really quickly and were back on the road again in no time. We pulled over so I could stretch and I found the most creepy scrap of paper on the ground. Lying on the highway in middle of nowhere was a piece of paper with the name of the lawyer who brought me the cheque. I can't believe that's possible - what is going on here?

Someone's following me. Someone's following me and I don't know what to do - for the past few nights it's been really hard to sleep. I have to admit I'm a bit freaked out. What if someone is following me? Who could it be? What would they want?

All I know is that I've found what I needed in Australia and I'm ready to get move on. If someone really is following me and you are reading this, so are lots of other people. I have lots of friends watching out for me so leave me alone.

(Quicktime VR image)




--brief synopsis--

Faith and Mike are driving in the outback, passing time, as they head towards where Mike was attacked and nearly died.

Mike describes the location, and we jump to the night time, with Faith and Mike sitting at a campfire chatting. Mike is playing a simple tune on the guitar.

Mike describes events of the attack - he drove past a stranded vehicle, and on getting out to help, was jumped from a guy hiding in the bush, and attacked by both men, who stole his car. A family found him, and he woke up 3 weeks later in the hospital, when he started seeing the symbols.

We find out what a 'jumper' is in Australia. Mike describes the 'tune' he's playing, that he's been hearing it since waking up in the hospital.

Faith hears a sound, but they pass it off an animal attracted to the light, so they turn the camera off.

Faith wakes up early to the sound of Mike yelling about his bag being ransacked. Mike freaks out about his journal (containing all the symbols he's been seeing) having been stolen, while Faith looks again, and she finds footprints leading from the bag. She follows them and Mike follows her. The footprints end in the middle of nowhere, and Faith, scared, wants to leave, now.

Faith and Mike are driving back, and Mike talks about his journal, also claiming to see a black car far behind them. Faith repeatedly says there's no car back there (and there's none on the camera).

They decide to pull over for a break. Faith gives Mike the camera and gets out to stretch. While stretching, she finds a piece of paper outside beside the car. On it is the name of the lawyer from Seattle who gave her the cheque for $20,000 from an unknown source. She freaks out, telling Mike to turning off the camera so they can leave.

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