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Real Name: Steph Waller

Discovery of Madam Steph

  • Initially discovered through, Steph Waller, also known as Madam Steph, has a rich, real history.

This is my spidering of her lead... (links at the bottom)

  1. 2 leads:
    A) On searching for Madam Steph on flickr, I came to the profile for 'Steph Waller' (who also has the controversial 'faitharella' account linked as a contact)
    B) Megiddo found a Myspace profile with 'Xenophile Media' listed in the companies section, for an organization called 'Alla Breve Inc.', co-founded by Steph Waller
  2. Following the Alla Breve lead, we come to the company website, and find under the 'Artists' page, more information about Steph Waller.
  3. On viewing her profile page on Alla Breve, one section particularly stands out that makes the ultimate connection:
My own father was a clown and he taught me that art when I was a small child, but in my early twenties I traded the grease paint and rubber nose for the Tarot cards and I found that I had a gift for seeing into other people's experiences, past lives, and especially into their visions and dreams. I left my father's circus parades behind and joined the Renaissance Faires, reading fortunes in the gypsy tents and performing as a white-face toubadour.
  • Madam Steph is Steph Waller, and vice versa.
  • Just as Kriel is Charles Kriel, Steph isn't just a fictional character in OE, Steph is Madam Steph - she does read tarot; she has a circus background.

Just as we only follow certain leads for Kriel in his real life marked by a symbol, so we need to assume that Steph leads her own life, and the only relevence to OE is that which is referenced by OE.

Blurring the lines indeed...

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