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September 10, 2006

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Julius Caesar quote, when moused over, translates to
'As a rule, men willingly believe that which they wish to belive'

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(News item: Chapter 6, Ararat - September 21, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 5, India - September 13, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 4, Adelaide - August 17, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 3, Tampa - August 11, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 3, Tampa - August 9, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 2, San Diego - August 4, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 1, Seattle - July 23, 2006)
(News item: Chapter 1, Seattle - July 17, 2006)

Unexplained Pics
About Me
About Me

Professor Kane Winthrop is currently Co-Chairman of the Southwest Noumenal Society, and author of several published articles on Quantum Mechanics.

Professor Winthrop received his MA in Particle Physics and his Doctorate in Condensed Matter at Withrow College in Massachusetts in the late 1980s. He received Honorable Mention in the 1992 Wertman Prize in physics for his work on interpreting the Copenhagen Theory of Quantum Mechanics. He and others later constructed a unique version of string theory which brought together a multi-dimensional world view with the Standard Model called “brane world.”

In 1997, Professor Winthrop relocated in New Mexico and joined a regional chapter of the Noumenal Society, applying the rigors of scientific skepticism to a variety of unexplained phenomena. Professor Winthrop also helped to organize an annual meeting in Noumenal Events in the Southwestern United States, and built alliances between scientists, social scientists, artists and experts in the unexplained.

He now contributes to several online journals, writing about paranormal history and practice around the world. He also maintains links with organizations in countries as diverse as China, United Kingdom, Argentina, Finland, Australia, Brazil and the Canada.

He currently resides near Santa Fe, where he raises alpacas and Angora goats and studies local ayahuasca medicinal knowledge.

New Visitors
(video - trailer for the ARG, added Sept 28, 2006)

Welcome Visitors

If you have just stumbled upon this site and are wondering what is going on, then you've come to the right place! To be honest, I wish I had more answers myself but I suppose that is just the nature of mysteries. Here's how it began:

Early in July of 2006, my website began to exhibit strange behavior – dropping offline for days at a time and pointing towards a countdown. When the countdown reached zero, the Oculus appeared – a floating sphere covered in unknown symbols. You can easily get to it by clicking the Visit the Oculus button on my right or by clicking this image:

There's a small yellow hologram sphere orbiting the larger sphere which you can interact with by moving it with your mouse and clicking on it's blue-glowing symbols – the larger sphere opens and you find a puzzle inside. It's bizarre – these puzzles unlock a sequence that rushes through clouds with images all around. So far there is only speculating around what these images could mean, you can read about it in the Message Board area of my site.

That's why I'm gathering a team of investigators to take a look at any future changes. I have come to realize that this is no accident, and I could use your help. If you register on the site with your email, I will notify you when major events take place. You also gain access to the discussions on this site – we're working together to find the truth about this, so everything we have learned so far is being collected there.

Here's a list of the places we've discovered (so far!)

www.oculareffect.com – this site, where the investigation takes place and I occasionally sound off with my latest theory. Register here and you won't miss the action.
00112358.net – the Oculus. No evidence yet about its origin or purpose.
vixtattoos.com – Miss Vix's Tattoo Parlor. For some reason the Oculus dumped us at this Seattle tattoo site. Miss Vix doesn't mention anything about the Oculus but she does link to the Bethlehem Conservatory, a school seen in the cloudy visions.
bethlehemconservatory.org – A private school for children with ‘special qualities' in Bethlehem, CT lists Faith Arella on its list of alumni. How odd.
faitharella.com – The tattoo prodigy from Seattle working with Miss Vix. So far no contact has been made but we're all focused on finding her!

August 28, 2006

Unexplained Pics
Coming Soon - You won't believe your eyes when you see the latest pics I've received!

July 23, 2006


- blue/cyan colour scheme, no 'Chapter' organization, no 'Unexplained Pics' page

Front Page

  • typical website header
Julius Caesar quote, roughly translates to
'Generally, people will believe what they want to belive'

July 17

About Me
Bio coming soon...


  • This website is considered to have been hijacked to forward to 00112358.net, until the countdown ended on July 17, 2006


  • Beginning - Website redirected to 00112358.net /
  • July 17, 2006 - The website became active with general content
  • July 23, 2006 - News item (The Oculus Has Opened) was posted / Design was updated slightly / About Me bio added / New Visitors page added
  • August 4, 2006 - News item was posted
  • August 9, 2006 - News item was posted
  • August 11, 2006 - News item was posted
  • August 16, 2006 - News item was posted
  • Aug 28, 2006 - major layout redesign, organization of news entries into 'Chapters', addition of 'unexplained pics' page
  • Sep 10, 2006 - population of the Unexplained Pics section
  • Sep 13, 2006 - addition of India summary page
  • Sep 16, 2006 - new unexplained photo
  • Sep 18, 2006 - new unexplained photo
  • Sep 21, 2006 - addition of Ararat summary page and 2 videos from Mike
  • Sep 22, 2006 - 3rd video from Mike / new unexplained photo
  • Sep 23, 2006 - 4th video from Mike
  • Sep 24, 2006 - 5th video from Mike
  • Sep 25, 2006 - 6th video from Mike
  • Sep 27, 2006 - 7th video from Mike / contents of Faith's missing camera posted
  • Sep 28, 2006 - new viral video added to visitor's page
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