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That page from the Outback

August 28, 2006 7:05pm

Here's the day planner page that I found on the ground near Mike's car on the side of the road north of Adelaide. Dante Gooderman is the name of the lawyer who came to see me at Vix's Tattoos in Seattle to give me the check for $20,000 that got me started on this crazy trip. I'm also posting his business card which I still had in my wallet so you can see it really is the same person.

I'm not really sure what this guy is doing here in Australia. And I definitely have no idea what all those dates are supposed to mean but they go all the way back to July. I can't see any real pattern and it's not like I've seen him around Adelaide other wise I'd just ask him myself. I've actually tried to e-mail him but I just get a programmed response that he is out of the country.

Madam Steph said that there were no such things as coincidences in this world. If that's true then this page from Mr. Gooderman's planner is important. Maybe it points to whoever took Mike's journal. Maybe it explains why I've felt like someone is watching me all the time.

Does anyone out there know what any of these dates mean? After Mike's journal was stolen and now this creepy discovery I am more ready than ever to move on and out of here before something bad happens.

Maybe it's time for me to go back home. I don't seem to be finding the sort of answers I was hoping for when I first got that message to follow my dream.



Gooderman Monroe LLP

Sunday August 20 Wk 34, Day 232, 133 Left

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