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Thanks for the tip

August 8, 2006 10:28pm

I was just reading my email and one girl from London, England wrote back to me... She is a big club girl in London and loves this DJ called DVJ Kriel. She was surfing my site cause she’s a tattoo artist too. Anyway she sent me the link to this video from Kriel’s site and I nearly lose it because he has one of my symbols in the video... He’s this innovative DJ guy who mixes audio and visual and one of his videos is filled with one of my symbols. I don’t know anyone from England and I certainly don’t know him.

Is this the sign that I have been looking for?

Follow your visions right? That was the message. Well here is one of my visions, and it’s actually being used by a DJ in England!!!!

Kriel in the US right now and is playing Tampa, Florida! I know this is a shot in the dark but what have I got to lose?

I’ve always been so worried, so freaked out that maybe I am a crazy person who has visions and blood red symbols running through their head for their entire 17 year life? Who gets sent away to a boarding school that specializes in tests and torment? Who besides crazy people right? But if this guy, this Kriel sees these visions too then maybe there is something more to all this.

I’m going to Tampa guys! I’m going and I’m going to try to find some answers!!!!!


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