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PDF Source: http://www.bethlehemconservatory.org/files/recruitment.pdf

Created: Aug 29, 2006 3:51pm

Updated: Sept 5, 2006 11:58pm (minor)

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Bethlehem Conservatory

Recruitment Update

This just came in from Keith D. on the West Coast. He's got three candidates and I think at least two of them are ideal for next semester. We have the beds available to take them in and still have room for whatever Oja and Weston scout in their regions (daily updates indicate they won't surpass last year's quota by more than 15%). Let me know what you think. If we move fast, we could off-set losses from this year's graduating class by mid-October. Any ideas or assistance in recruiting 7214, are more than welcome.


Page 2
Bethlehem Conservatory

Subject Information

BCID: NW1-7212 "Jennifer"
Date on Birth Certificate: 04/08/1991
Age: 15
Ht/Wt: 5'5"/135lbs.
Current Location: Foster Home, Los Angeles
Rating: ****


7212 is a quiet, introverted girl who's ended up in the worst foster care facility I've ever seen. I had to pass barbed wire, armed guards and street-wise foster kids hanging out in the halls to even meet with her. She's coping with all this by keeping to herself, drawing runes and appearing "weird" to everyone else. Which I think has helped her in Special Abilities, but may hurt her overall Personality Profile in terms of social skills. Which could be perfect for us – 2 1/2 years of peak production and little interest in social activities. If only her Rune Comprehension were higher, I would give her a fifth star.

Special Abilities:
Rune drawing - 95%
Rune comprehension - 40%
Visualization - 85%
Dreaming - 75%

Mental Abilities:
Observation - 70%
Memory - 90%
Pitch Discrimination - 65%
Verbal Comprehension - 75%
Spatial Relations - 75%

Personality Profile:

Social Preferences: Loner, anger issues, exhibits tenderness to all animals
Unique Traits: Gets lost in her own little world for hours with no need for company, reads the Bible every night, professes puritanical moral code
Complaints: Fellow foster kids complain "She thinks she's too good for us," "She never talks to anyone" Acclaim: Home Director praises her as "A great student who could blossom in the right environment, but ended up here thanks to bureaucracy" Rumors: Other kids say she is "the Virgin Mary" and "has religious visions"

Page 3
Bethlehem Conservatory

Subject Information

BCID: NW3-7213 "Gabby"
Date on Birth Certificate: 07/21/2000
Age: 6
Ht/Wt: 3'11"/44lbs.
Current Location: Las Vegas, NV
Rating: ***


7213 is a handful by any standard – outgoing, precocious and talkative. Her foster mother Jarka even takes her out to auditions for local film and TV agents. 7213 is exhibits strong ADHD most of the time but draws accurately (apparently from her dreams) when she winds down and doodles with colored markers. She tells stories about her runes but they sound made-up, like it's her "performer" side talking. Peak production seems to take place when she is tired, perhaps the hour before she goes to sleep. It's interesting that she draws runes in different colors – this could be significant. Overall, I think she has the potential to be a strong producer as she matures.

  • Her foster parents have four months left on their contract with the state's

Department of Child Protection

Special Abilities
Rune drawing - 65%
Rune comprehension - 60%
Visualization - 40%
Dreaming - 85%

Mental Abilities
Observation - 95%
Memory - 80%
Pitch Discrimination - 95%
Verbal Comprehension - 85%
Spatial Relations - 90%

Personality Profile:

Social Preferences: Likes anyone who will listen to her stories and play games, open and highly sociable
Unique Traits: Highly creative storyteller, singer and dancer, 170 IQ (standardized test)
Complaints: Foster guardians say "She can get sour when no one pays attention to her," "Likes to throw tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants"
Acclaim: Grade 1 teacher says "She's at the top of her class when she makes an effort and doesn't get distracted," "She's the life of the class"
Rumors: None known

Page 4
Bethlehem Conservatory

Subject Information

BCID: NW1-7214 "Kenny"
Date on Birth Certificate: (unknown)
Age: 17 (estimate)
Ht/Wt: 6'1"/190lbs. (estimates)
Current Location: Portland, OR
Rating: **


I tracked 7214 down after hearing stories from Portland teachers, about a foster child who claimed to have "visions" but kept getting kicked out of schools (for anything from smoking to stealing on school grounds, but no violence). He's a drop-out now and lives with a friend and his mother in northeast Portland. He also runs with tagging crew and is an exceptional graffiti artist, using runes to designate gang territory. I tried to talk to him but he thought I was either police or gang community outreach and refused to say anything. So I'm giving him two stars based on his age and anti-social behavior, offset by the fact that at least two of his six runes are totally unique to me.

Special Abilities
Rune drawing - 85%
Rune comprehension (Unknown)
Visualization (Probably high)
Dreaming (Unknown)

Mental Abilities
Observation (Unknown)
Memory (Unknown)
Pitch Discrimination (Unknown)
Verbal Comprehension - 85%
Spatial Relations (Unknown)

Personality Profile:

Social Preferences: Hangs out with taggers, aged 15-25, and a girlfriend who is also in the crew
Unique Traits: Perfectionist who keeps his room clean, dresses well, likes fast cars
Complaints: Former teachers said "He is a creative person who's wasting his life on the streets," "He only listens to you if he respects you"
Acclaim: Teachers said he has musical and artistic ability, and helps fellow students with personal problems
Rumors: Most of his peers fear and avoid him. Those who get to know him are typically in need of help. He seems to exhibit a natural tendency to protect.

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