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At the Bethlehem Conservatory, we prepare young people to develop their full intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical potential.



  • Located in Bethlehem, Connecticut in a buccolic setting
  • 12 buildings, including 5 dorms, 3 academic centers, a new athletic center, lab, library, concert hall, culinary facilities and news media center, all featuring state-of-the-art technology
  • School colors are maroon and gold.

Students & Staff

  • 500+ students
  • Provides all-inclusive scholarships for gifted children, G1-12 who exhibit talent in:
    • Intuitive Skills
    • Innate Musical Abilities
    • Visual Imaging
  • Every year, recruitment scouts consider 75 more students
  • Claims 10:1 student:teacher ratio


  • Founded as a theological seminary in 1744
  • Privately endowed

'Missing' Alumni


There is a real life "Long Meadow Pond" community located in Bethlehem, CT.

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