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Where Young Minds Flourish

Nestled in the verdant hills of Bethlehem, Connecticut, the Bethlehem Conservatory enables children to flourish in a unique and enriching educational setting.

At the Bethlehem Conservatory, we prepare young people to develop their full intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical potential.

The key pillars of our process are:

  • Enriched educational programs coupled with rigorous academic standards
  • A stimulating learning environment
  • A supportive community that fosters the qualities of leadership, citizenship and service to the community

These key imperatives prepare our graduates to take their place as leaders of the future.



(discovered August 29th, 2006)


(discovered August 29th, 2006)
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About Us
The historic Bethlehem Conservatory provides scholarships for gifted children from Grades 1-12, enabling them to rise above the ordinary. Bethlehem’s productive 10:1 student/teacher ratio empowers every one of our 500+ students to thrive under the special attention he or she deserves.

Our updated library, boarding school facilities and Athletic Center, all generously supported by private endowment, make the school an ideal haven for creative learning. The Bethlehem Conservatory's ivy-covered halls overlook the idyllic setting of Long Meadow Pond and the quaint “Christmas town” of Bethlehem, where America’s first theological seminary was founded in 1744.

Bethlehem Conservatory graduates routinely attract the attention of Ivy League schools – fulfilling the next step in their vision of a lifetime of outstanding achievement.

The Bethlehem Conservatory privately recruits students through a screening process conducted by our Recruitment Scouts across the United States and around the world. Every year, our Recruitment Scouts consider approximately 75 students of all backgrounds, even those who may have discontinued schooling or fallen into educational difficulty through no fault of their own.

Scholarships to the Bethlehem Conservatory are all-inclusive, covering education, housing, field trips, medical, dental, and insurance. In very rare circumstances, the school will accept unsolicited applications for admission for very special candidates.

Our guiding methodology, encouraging students to pursue their own learning interests under the supportive guidance of our faculty, can also be adapted for the instruction of other special needs students. In particular, the Bethlehem Conservatory offers a small but world-renowned program for students who exhibit:

  • Intuitive Skills
  • Innate Musical Abilities
  • Visual Imaging

For any admissions-related inquiries, contact:

The Bethlehem Conservatory's faculty is recruited from a variety of professional backgrounds, both private and public, always possessing a minimum of ten years teaching experience. All new faculty are prepared, pedagogically and personally, for the challenges of teaching gifted children.

The school's bucolic view of Bethlehem , Connecticut and environs acts as a nourishing balm for teachers and students alike. Picturesque streams wind past wood valleys and upland farms, artfully disguising the fact that the thriving capital city of Hartford is only an hour's drive away.

The Bethlehem Conservatory campus includes 12 historic buildings in all, comprising five dormitories and three academic centers, all equipped with wireless networks and up-to-date computer facilities.

Along with a student laboratory, library, concert hall and New Media Center , we have recently opened a 150,000-square-foot Athletic Center with an indoor pool, tennis center, six-lane track and aerobics/dance room.

Also worthy of mention are our culinary facilities, where all food is prepared fresh daily using high-grade organic ingredients. The Bethlehem Conservatory can accommodate a wide range of nutritional needs and is sensitive to food allergies as well as all religious and cultural dietary regulations and restrictions.

From creative entrepreneurs to corporate giants, Bethlehem alumni routinely break new ground in their fields. Endowed with values that make them “people for others,” humanists who give of themselves, Bethlehem Conservatory alumni frequently guide peers by the light of their own success.

When we are unable to keep up with our pupils' careers, we greatly appreciate any help in renewing their fellowship – both to invite them to return as Inspirational Guides and ensure that their lives remain part of Bethlehem's legacy.

We are currently preparing a Who's Who of Bethlehem Conservatory alumni and would appreciate any assistance in reaching the following alumni:

Any information about these “missing” alumni can be forwarded to the Alumni Coordinator:

We'd love to hear from you!

Contact Us
Our facilitators are always eager to learn more about your educational interests and needs. Please understand that as a busy educational institution, we may not be able to respond to you immediately.

However, your thoughts and insights are always welcome at the Bethlehem Conservatory. Please email us:


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