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August 11, 2006

(though appearing Aug 17, Aug 11 would have made more sense for this update to appear, after Faith's blog in question was posted)

Faith meets Kriel

Faith Arella, tipped off that she and Charles Kriel seem to have runes in common, flew from Seattle to Florida (more information available here) in search of answers. Somehow Faith gained access to a private performance put on by DVJ Kriel--luckily for us, she's revealed some more video footage on her blog related to the event. Faith met Kriel, at last. He seemed to want to help her. (Is that suspicious? I'm still not convinced this whole thing isn't some kind of sick joke...)

Supposedly Kriel had a near-death experience--I suppose this is what we were meant to be shown in the last Oculus "vision."

Kriel took Faith to his home town of Gibsonton, Florida. Lots of colorful characters live there. Faith met some of them and left us with the video evidence. Even Kriel got his hands on the camera for a while.

One of the most unusual people shown in the video footage was Madame Steph, a self-identified fortune-teller. Steph read Faith's cards--it's really best if you simply watch the video, words can't do justice to the strangeness of it all.

Am I being played for the fool?


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