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July 17, 2006

Can anyone tell me what is going on???

For the past two weeks, this web site ( Yes, the one that has been in a state of perpetual construction seemingly forever. I don't need to be reminded! ) has been constantly re-routing to an annoying animated countdown clock. Nobody has been able to help me out here despite my many attempts to resolve it. My internet service provider has been pretty useless too.

And now, all of a sudden and due to no apparent action on my part , I have my site back while the countdown page has been replaced with a strange object which I recognize as an “Oculus” (more on this later).

Before I go further, it is actually a coincidence that my site and this object have strangely similar names. This Oculus and my site ( a source of investigation designed to “turn the lens” on paranormal phenomena ) are in no way related. Most of my friends will be aware that I have been talking about this site for years and was on the verge of relinquishing the project altogether. So this occurrence is just one of many strange coincidences that have been plaguing me culminating in many threatening messages of an extremely personal nature that are certainly connected .

Whoever is behind this harassment should be aware that I have contacted the FBI .

If anybody can help provide some insight on the persons responsible, please let me know by posting your comments here. I'm removing all my contact information until this issue is resolved.

I'd really be grateful for any information you could provide. I'd also like to know if anyone else has encountered this problem or heard of something similar.



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