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The Miracle Mile

August 20, 2006 7:22pm

Hello all my friends out there. You guys are amazing! I got so many emails finding the Clarence Park B&B for me, people like Yellow818, ThoughtsFromTheAbyss, otter9193, AxysDenyed, dwhuber, gabztrevino, rebaleeve, megiddo, silentrysentry, barbazul, ariel & wander - You guys rock!

I couldn't believe how many people were all coming up with the same answers so I knew it must be a good first place to start in order to find out why I am here in Adelaide. It's also good to know that there are so many people out there watching out for me when I am so far away from home. You know, I’m still not sure about this trip. It still seems crazy to me. I can't believe that I quit my job, left Vix and all my friends and am now following visions around the world. It just seems nuts. I’m worried that I might get through this trip, find nothing and have nothing left.


So I was really happy when I met the owners of the Clarence Park B&B. Heath and Julie are really sweet and even had me in for tea. I told them a bit about who I am and about Kriel and Tampa and as soon as I mentioned miracles their eyes lit up. So get this - in Adelaide there's a city bus route called the "Miracle Mile". They are located on the bus route and get most of their customers over the past few years from people who come their looking for cures for illnesses.

Apparently a lot of strange miracle cures have been occurring in the city in a strange pattern that is all around this particular bus route. So now people with injuries or terminal illnesses actually ride this bus in hope of being cured. So of course I immediately went and boarded the bus.

As soon as I got on, I sensed this eerie sensation. Nobody talks and what's really weird is that nobody actually gets off the bus – like ever. They just sit there, not reading or even listing to music or anything and ride the bus from one end of the route and back again, over and over. It's also weirdly quiet – like a church and I actually think that lots of them are praying or meditating. Although several seem to be terminally ill, this bus has provided them with a tiny kernel of hope and they are all holding on to it with conviction and a sense of desperation.

I talked to one man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, who has been riding the bus for the last three weeks just hoping for a miracle. I didn’t really know what to say to him. I wish that the bus would cure him - but how could this be possible? It just seemed like a normal bus to me.

(video - see transcription below)

I interviewed some of the people on the bus which you can see in the video I uploaded. I also tried to interview the bus driver whose name is Mike (I think) but he really didn’t want to talk to me. I can’t really blame him. I must look like a psycho pointing my camera in everyone’s faces.



Faith: So I'm here in the suburbs of Adelaide, and I think I've definitely found this Miracle Mile that those two B&B owners were telling me about. So, all that's left to do it ride the bus. I hope I have the right change.

--cut to bus approaching--

Faith: This is my bus here, the 'miracle bus'? We'll see. Alright... [bus comes to a stop] Well, let's see what this miracl bus is all about here. "Welcome aboard"! Thank you!

--doors open and Faith boards--

Faith: [to the driver] Hello. [she walks down the center of the bus and takes a seat] Bizarre...

--cut to interview with a guy with crutches--

Faith: Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions about this bus?

Guy: Yeah, sure.

F: Cool. Am I on the Miracle Mile bus?

G: Yeah, that's what I've heard. This is it.

F: Wow. Why are you on it?

G: Well, I play rugby and I ruptured my achilles a couple of weeks ago, and I just got some scans back from the doctor and they weren't too good. He said I'd probably be out for about 6 months. And we've got a big final in two weeks so I'm just... I'm just hoping that I'll be alright for that.

F: Yeah, I broke my leg when I was eleven, and I was on crutches for like 6 weeks. The worst part is the stairs (yeah, it's no fun, it's no fun at all) and the achilles - that's like, that's worse.

G: It's pretty bad.

F: So you're hoping that by riding this bus you'll heal?

G: Well I've heard some stories, and I've got nothing to lose, so...

F: Wow, no way. Thank you!

G: No worries.

--cut to a short clip where Faith pans outside following a man standing on a driveway, a man with a white hat, as the bus passes by--

--cut to another man on the bus Faith is interviewing--


Man: I did notice that, yes.

F: I'm just wondering if you would mind talking to me for a few seconds.

M: Yeah, what's it for?

F: Well I'm documenting my travels, and I heard about this miracle bus, (okay) so I thought I'd make a little video about it. (alright) Not to get personal, but are you riding it for any particular reason?

M: I am. I am. About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. (oh, I'm really sorry) It's a bit hard to talk about. But um, I've heard about this bus, or my wife had heard about it, and so she said well it's a good idea to try it - you know, it can't hurt. So I've been on the line every day for 3 weeks hoping, hoping something's going to happen, but...

F: Well, have you had any success yet?

M: Nothing yet, but um, it could happen any day.

F: Okay, yeah. [..too muffled...] Do you believe in miracles?

M: You have to believe in something.

F: I guess you do.

M: So, yep.

F: Thank you.

--cut to scene with the bus driver interview--

Faith: My name's Faith Arella, and I wanted to ask you a couple questions.

Driver: Ok

F: Cool, well I've been asking everyone about this Miracle Mile. (yeah) Do you know anything about that? I'm sure you must.

D: Sure, I was afraid you were going to ask that, yeah.

F: Well, what I want to know is, do you believe in the Miracle Mile?

D: Um, no not really. I think there are a lot of sad people who have some really unfortunate things happen to them. And they're taking this bus thinking that something can change if they ride it, but I'm.. I don't think anything's going to happen.

F: That's strange, because everybody else seem to believe in it.

D: Yeah. Well, um, that's their prerogative I guess. Um, this is the end of the line, so...

F: Oh, well I actually, I wanted to ask you a couple more things. Do you mind if we just sit and chat for a bit?

D: Um, no I'm sorry, that's it. Maybe you can ride the bus tomorrow or something.

F: Ok, thank you.

D: Sorry have a good day.

--camera pans as Faith leaves the bus, giving a glimpse of a monkey hanging at the front of the bus; bus driver=monkey man?--

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