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Looking for Mike

August 21, 2006 7:42pm

(video - see transcription below)

Thanks so much for the clues guys. You’re all awesome! I still can’t believe I didn’t notice that the stuffed monkey hanging near the bus driver’s seat when I took my ride on the "Miracle Mile". Can this be the clue I have been looking for all along? In case you think I am nuts, this is exactly why I am actually filming every last thing - you never know when you will find something important - or miss something important even when it’s staring you right in the face.

So is Mike Miles really the monkey man I was destined to meet, or is he just a bus driver? I mean, it seems a little bit of a let down if that whole tarot card reading just leads me to a stuffed animal on a bus! The whole time I thought I’d have to literally find a monkey man at a zoo or something, never once did I consider him to be a regular guy with a stuffed animal!

So I went back to the bus route today but Mike wasn’t there, he just disappeared. After everything I’ve done to get here, I can’t believe I’m lost again! The bus company won’t give me any employee information and they won’t even pass on a message to him. Got his last name though - Miles. :) I already called every Miles in the phone book but none of them were him. Where am I going to find Mike? Suggestions please!



Ok guys, it's me, Faith. Umm, I'm kind of freaking out here. I found Mike Miles, who I think is the monkey man - I know that sounds crazy. I went back to his route today, and when the door opened, it was a different man, and when I asked where Mike was, he said that he'd changed routes or something. So I'm feeling with an idiot, for not just staying on that bus and making him talk to me. Because now I don't know what to do, I don't know where he is, I'm in the middle of Adelaide by myself, and so what I thought, the best thing I can think to do is to contact everyone out there, like you guys, because you know, you really helped me last time, and I'm going to look for an internet cafe around here somewhere myself, and maybe somehow we can locate him. I'd really like any information you can find. All I know is that his name is Mike Miles. And I guess he must live in Adelaide, and he's a bus driver. So, I mean, I really need to find him, because otherwise this is just stupid, and all for nothing.

Okay, thanks.

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