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Leaving Vix

August 8, 2006 7:52am

(direct link to video - see transcription below)

I need a sign to show me what to do, to show me where to go and to lead me there.

Alright I need to do something, find something. I have never felt so sick before, day and night day and night these symbols are literally exploding in my mind. Its like when you stare at a light for too long and then close your eyes and the pattern of the light dancing and splays itself across your eyelids, its like that even when my eyes are open, I see these symbols. I sometimes think that I’m on the edge of figuring it out but then the meaning just doesn’t come.

I tried to get in touch with Gary and Joy (they were my foster parents) something I told myself I’d never ever do but anyway, they’ve moved out of their old house and now I don’t know how to find them which is of course fine. Who knows? Maybe they are dead. I seriously doubt that they would give me any money and tell me to follow my visions. It’s the visions that got me in trouble with them in the first place. I used to draw all over the place even on the walls. Gary wasn’t very patient and he hated me for it. He yelled at me and he would lock me in my room and sometimes I wasn’t even allowed to leave the house for days and he hated me, even though I was only a little kid.


Hey guys! And welcome to - my last day of work.

So yeah, as I said before, this is going to be my sayonara tape, because I've decided I'm going to take that $20,000 and I'm going to take the advice of whoever that was, and I'm going to follow my visions, so to speak. But I'm going to leave this site setup. I'm going to send videos, I'm going to send photos, I'm going to put it all up there, so it's kind of like I have everyone with me. So I hope you're ready for a crazy ride. See ya later.

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