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Road trip

August 9, 2006 11:36am

(direct link to video - see transcription below)

Past 24 hours have been crazy. Up all night, last minute flight. It was all worth it though - I’ve got another busy day. I’ll let you know as soon as I get back.


I found Kriel. I'm in the club district of Tampa, it's called Ybor City. He's playing at a club up the road, I'm going to go in there, I'm going to talk to him, and I just know that he's going to tell me... I don't know what, but I know he has the answers I'm looking for. And if I can't talk to him in the club I'm going to sit outside and I'm going to wait for him all night. I'm not leaving this place until I talk to him.

--after the event--
I just saw the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. I was... a girl collpsed on the dance floor in the club, she was brought outside and the paramedics arrived, and I watched the paramedics try to resuscitate her, and they pronounced her dead. I saw it. They were trying to resuscitate her, and they announced to the crowd that she had passed, or to each other that she had passed on, and everyone started breaking up and walking away and she was dead. They flat out said that she was dead. And then suddenly something happened and something shifted and I'm not sure exactly what it was, but the crowd saw it or felt it or I felt it at least, and suddenly the girl- she started breathing and no one could really believe it or understand what happened, and I'm not even quite sure what happened, but I'm going to try and walk back and see what exactly is going on out there, because... I don't know what to say about it. I'm going to try to talk to someone and find out exactly just what went on there.
--talking to a paramedic--
I'm outside, talking to one of the paramedics who worked on the girl that I mentioned to you guys earlier. Ok could you tell me what exactly happened to her, how she collapsed?

Paramedic: Um, unfortunately we don't know why she collapsed. All we know is we tried to resuscitate her and after checking the vital signs and five minutes of technically trying to bring her back to life, we got nothing.

Faith: So she was actually dead.

Paramedic: She... I mean, I can't even comment on it. What happened was a miracle.
--outside the club, Faith is intercepting Kriel as he leaves--
Faith: Charles! Charles Kriel! Hi, my name's Faith. I was wondering if I could talk to you a little bit about your work.

Kriel: Sh.. um.. yeah, yeah, that's good. Faith?

F: Ok great, um, because I came all the way from Seattle, and I was checking out your website...

K: Thank you

F: ...and I found something really interesting, it's the symbols that I saw on your website.

K: (pauses) Listen, Faith, I'm really shattered. Maybe we can talk about this later.

F: Well actually, (she continues, talking over Kriel who's trying to walk away) I travelled a really long way [I know you have] and these symbols are really important [I've just been playing all night] and I see them too, and I wanted you to look at my tattoo... can you look at my tattoo?

K: Where did you get that? What is that?

F: I don't know, I thought maybe you could tell me.

K: It's like..that's not even on my website. Where'd you get that?

F: I don't know where I got it. But I see them too, and I'd like to talk about it.

K: (nervously thinking) Ok... we'll talk. Not now, alright? Here, call me alright? (hands Faith a card) We'll sort it out, ok?

F: Ok. (under her breath as Kriel walks away) Wonderful.

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