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A website at last

June 1, 2006 7:17pm

Hey my first website, what a concept. It did good things for the shop Vix so maybe it’ll do good things for me too. I’m starting this blog on orders from my boss and friend, Miss Vix, the toughest, hard core tattoo lady in Seattle. Miss Vix owns and operates her own business Vix Tattoos and she’s only 23. Check it out, look her up at[1], she is awesome and she has been a true friend to me. I will never forget her for believing in me when nobody else would. Shes the most talented tattoo artist I’ve ever met and underneath that tough, sexy exterior, she’s got a heart of gold! (sorry Vixy, I just had to tell everyone about the REAL you!!!)

Anyways, I want to make this blog a showcase for my designs. I want to post pix of all my work as soon as Im able to save up some money for a camera. And remember, if any of my tattoo clients are travelling it’d be great if you could send me some shots of my work in faraway places I always wanted to see my designs go around the world even if I am stuck here in Seattle.


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