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June 14, 2006 11:05am

Alright I’m not really complaining because I actually really get enjoyment out of piercing and tattooing untouched flesh but MAN do you just see the WEIRDEST people in our business. Case in point, today this businessman type comes to see me. And we’re chatting about what he wants to get done and it turns out that he wants a tattoo of a doll, like a real little girl doll, in a very personal part of his anatomy and well I was like definitely not going to do that under any circumstances. Normally I just tattoo my own symbols but if I need extra money I’ll ink different stuff too; devils, angels, flowers etc.. But under no conditions would I ever tattoo the disgusting thing that this guy wanted.

Anyway, I was just so upset that I couldn’t even say anything. Ozzie had to come in and escort the guy out. There are so many sick people out there. It really makes you sad .

And please, this is not to discourage any of you who want to contact me about getting one of my own designs (just dont ask me to do anything sick please, I’m begging you).


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