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Looking for Ama

September 11, 2006 8:28pm

The past few days have been pretty intense here so please, bear with me as I try to get it all out.

Yesterday, Mike and I started the day off by going to the hospital to find Ghita. Right away she demanded that we turn off the camera. I wasn't sure why at first, because all of the other people we've met haven't seemed to mind the camera at all. She was pretty suspicious of us I think so I showed her one of my tattoos right away, the one on the back of my neck. Mike said that she turned really pale when she saw it.

(video - see transcription below)

I told her about my visions and why we were here and she started to break down a little. Then Ama's whole story came tumbling out of her mouth. I guess five years ago, Ama was bit by cobra while working in the fields. She blacked out and was carried into a courtyard, where Ghita and the community sat around to witness her death. Ghita estimated that she laid in a coma for two weeks, then abruptly woke up in perfect health. The local villagers who stayed by her bedside started saying that Ama had healed them as well - while she slept. Legend spread fast to surrounding villages and soon Ama had a crowd gathered outside her home day and night, praying to her for cures. Here is the truly amazing part though… after she came out of the coma she started to see and draw my symbols everywhere. All over the house with charcoal, in the dirt streets with sticks, she even had an amulet made with her favorite symbol on it.

Then one day, she was gone. Vanished out of thin air. Her house was emptied and she's never come back. That's why Ghita won't speak to us on camera, because she thinks that who ever took her mother will come after her. And she really does believe that someone took her, two western men were seen around the town right before Ama disappeared. Now Ghita is very wary of westerners.

After she told us that story she invited us back to her home for tea. She really is such a sweet person, she even gave me the amulet that Ama had made. Its crazy, it has one of my symbols painted on it. It is just so surreal to see one of my symbols on an amulet in India. I think Mike feels the same way, he just kept saying, "random" over and over again. Ghita also gave us a really old atlas. Ama had scribbled the symbols haphazardly through the atlas, it seems like Ghita is ready to move on and away from her mother's visions. I could tell it made her sad, but it also seemed as though she was relieved that other people saw these symbols too. I think it was a bit of a confirmation for her that her mother wasn’t crazy.



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