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Welcome to Turkey!

September 17, 2006 8:09pm

I always thought that Turkey would be a chaotic country, chickens running all over the markets, people yelling, donkeys…pretty much what an ignorant girl from Seattle would think, right?

Yeah, except that everything here is really clean, people dress like North Americans and I haven’t even seen one chicken. Honestly, Turkey is a welcome change at this point in my long, crazy journey. At least the food is a lot more to my liking, delicious stews and roasted meats (no Vix, I still have not evolved into a higher, vegan being). The best part of meals, though are the appetizer plates, baba ganoush, hummus and other yogurty/spicy dips are served with warm homemade pita bread. Seriously delicious.

So thanks everyone for helping to send me to Turkey, much appreciated. I’m really glad that Mike is around. He’s a genuine guy, really solid. I feel like we have a very truthful understanding with each other. Maybe it’s the symbols, maybe it’s the situation that we’re in, but honestly I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else here in Turkey, half way around the world. I just feel like he’s watching over me a bit and I don’t think anyone besides Vix has ever done that for me. It’s just really nice knowing that I have someone here supporting me. I wouldn’t want to be on this journey all alone. Although you guys have certainly helped me out more than I ever knew was possible.

It’s kind of weird because I wish that I could thank all of you personally for all your help…who knows, maybe when I return to the Western Hemisphere… Tomorrow we’re going to walk around Istanbul, check out some of the gorgeous mosques in the area and go to the grand bazaar just to see if we see any clues, and maybe do a bit of shopping along the way. I’ll be taping everything too so let me know if you guys see anything out of the ordinary.

Thanks again, talk to you soon.


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