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Faith is leaving us

August 9, 2006 1:48pm

I guess it was too good to be true. Faith is leaving us!

My girl Faith inherited some money lately and now she’s decided to go on a trip to find out about her past.

When she told me that she was going and nothing could convince her to stay, I just wanted to cry. I mean, she hasn’t been here that long but I love her like my little sister and I’m so worried for her. I would go with her but I have this shop and I can’t afford to leave. I made sure to focus in on what she was saying and talk it over. She says she has a lot to explore in life and feels like this is her best chance to do it… which is all true but there’s still something about this that doesn’t add up. Maybe it’ just my female intuition kicking in. I mean she’s not even 18 years old for crying out loud and it just feels like a big step even if she is so talented.

Faith says she wants to come back one day but I figure what are the odds? She’s so special and has such a special talent; she’ll be a star wherever she goes!

I guess I should feel lucky that you perched your star here for a little while, Faith… It’s not everyday I get to make a friend as special as you.

You keep in touch and if need me, I’m always here for you.

Love Vix


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