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What a great day

May 29th, 2006 6:45am

I am pretty sure that I just made the best hire of my life. I was working on a new tracing and this young girl Faith walks in right off the street. She is like totally tough but innocent looking.. She had tried to clean herself up but I get a lot of the kids on the street as clients they come in and pay in installments. I was trying to put her off when she showed me her portfolio. Holy crap! The whole thing is original not one piece that I’d call standard. It’s all these gorgeous symbols and chains of runes. It’s beautiful, tribal style work.

I thought she just found some language like Hindi or Arabic and started copying it without even understanding it funny story I once dated a guy that owned a shirt he bought in Tokyo airport. His buddy there bought it for him and when he got home our Japanese friends all started laughing turns out it said “I am a big fat stupid American tourist”.

Anyway the girl kept insisting that the symbols were just something that she sees in her dreams or something. Doodles that she does over and over. They’re hardly doodles though.

Anyway, I offered her my second chair on trial. Drop round and meet her. Faith is really sweet and is learning fast.


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