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Charles Kriel is the owner and operator of (mirrored below)

  • Found through searching for the artist of a CD being held by a number of people in the photos from Comic-Con, listed in a news item of for August 4, 2006.
  • He's a DVJ, and appears to be a real person, being reviewed and referred to from numerous real-world websites, who was likely commissioned to release a video and MP3 for Fallen.
  • Any location of the symbol on an image seems to link to allnew.html, like a guide to inform us of what's related to Fallen.
  • Charles Kriel can be seen here


Kriel's Bio
  • Charles Kriel was born in 1968 (thus he turns 38 in 2006)
  • He left the circus at age 15 (1983), and his first performance as a DJ was in 1991 (23 years old)
  • According to the second vision, Kriel went through some rough times around Juno Beach, FL, where he claims to have had a lifechanging experience
Possible Interaction
  • Sept 24, 2006 - How to DVJ: A Digital DJ Master Class with Charles Kriel
    2-5pm, $95 fee, Otis College
    see here
  • Sept 29, 2006 - Ground Loop Alibi
    8 & 10pm performances, Ben Malz Gallery
    see here and here
Notable References to Kriel

(on some pages, search for 'kriel')

  • (1) (reference to an August 31 deadline, of 2006)
  • (2) (short bio of Kriel, location: NZ)
  • (3) (from 2003, an abstract showing his interest in video gaming and media, plus a bio)
  • (4) (Otis College, very recent connection as he names Otis in his recent event news items)
  • (5) (Kriel's profile on
  • (6) (regarding Kriel's WSIS Award, currently DNS error)
  • (7) (profile for Kriel on UltraDJ, his agency)

Current Content

As of...

August 4, 2006


The San Diego gig was a blast - if you missed it, take a look at some of the action in this montage video.

Download the video

Presenting DVJ Kriel's latest original track - The Messenger - released at this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

Download the MP3

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