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Sent: Sept 11, 2006
In reply to: an email Schrijvertje sent asking for info

Dear Johnny,

Your email is no intrusion at all; I'm quite used to receiving mail from all over the world, something I enjoy a great deal. But please accept my apologies for not replying sooner. I have been rather "taken up" as it were, with matters pertaining to family and I was out of town until just last night. Unfortunately, this makes any response I can give you today somewhat untimely.

I have been following Faith's journey/quest since the day I met her in Gibsonton, and we email each other on a regular basis. What is said between us, however, is confidential, as you can probably understand. But it is apparent that Faith took her clue from the oculus and is going to India. This too, resolves the issue about the so-called "snake lady" (although I never called anyone that in my reading). People tend to take too literally the things a tarot reader says. Usually, these images are archetypes or symbols. I saw woman and a snake, but it was not clear to me what the two had to do with each other. And now we know!

As far as the "lofty summit" is concerned, it too may very well be a metaphor. In many eastern philosophies a mountain will represent a journey, and always, always, the journey is as important than the destination. Each of us have our Mount Parnassus that we are climbing--you have one as well as I do--and although there may very well be an actual geographical summit that Faith will have to scale, the true "lofty summit" is the journey of her soul and how that impacts the journey of Humankind as a whole. But of that I can say no more. I must tell you, however, I did in no way see anything that looked like the tower in Las Vegas. It was in fact a mountain I saw, not a man-made structure of any kind. I have my ideas of where it is, but I cannot in good conscience share those with anyone but Faith.

But faith needs your continued help too. Although she probably does not have the time to answer every email she gets, I believe she reads them all. Every individual watching her is on this quest with her, and the combined positive energy of everyone is all-important to Faith's success!

In the Light,
Madam Steph

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