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Faith Arella

Faith Arella

About Faith

Faith was discovered by Miss Vix, the owner of a tattoo parlour Vix Tattoos. Vix hired Faith because of her abundant talent in design and love for tattoos.

  • Faith resides in Seattle.
  • She keep a blog at her website
  • Faith's last name (Arella) means "angel messenger" in Latin, or "golden" in Spanish (1).
  • Her current name was given to her by ' nuns at social services '[1] at Bethlehem Conservatory
  • Her birth name and given name (from her foster parents) are currently unknown, as are who her birth parents are
  • Her birthday is September 7, 1988, thus she's turning 18 on Sept 7, 2006.[2]
  • She was an abandoned child, living with foster parents until 8 years old
  • Faith has travelled many places (see TrackingFaith)

Faith was an alumni at Bethlehem Conservatory, but recently disappeared (ran away), causing the conservatory to begin a search for her.

Faith prides herself on the originality of her tattoos. She believes everyone has a unique design, and prefers not to copy or reproduce designs for clients unless specifically requested. She customizes her designs from a set of strange symbols for each person. She likens the skill to 'seeing certain colours when one hears a specific name or word' [3]. It was because of this skill (also known as synaesthesia) that she was sent to the conservatory as a child.

Faith was raised by Gary and Joy, her foster parents, from an early age, having been abandoned as a baby (or child). Apparently Gary was not a patient man, and with Faith's strange habbits resulting from her continuous visions, she was eventually sent to Bethlehem Conservatory, when she was 8 years old (around 1996).

A live chat video and transcript was recorded from on August 31, 2006
- watch or read the chat here

Conservatory data

BCID: SC1-6316

  • Assumed birthday: September 7
  • likely lived in Mississippi with her foster parents (see report, status upon entry)
  • Officially remained at BC from 1996-2003


Originally Faith's name first came up from the Alumni page of Bethlehem Conservatory's website. Faith Arella, among others, was listed as missing and the conservatory was searching for her.


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  2. see original 'missing' poster
  3. see June 9, 2006 - Me again
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