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Fallen is a made for TV movie from ABC Family, telling the story of a boy named Aaron who gains mysterious powers on his 18th birthday. It deals with the spiritual realm, the existence of angels and fallen angels, and the idea of 'half-breed' angels called Nephillim.

This ARG is related in that a main character, Faith Arella is missing, and it's believed she is in the same boat as Aaron from Fallen - a fallen angel who's life will change when she comes of age.

  • Fallen's home is on ABC Family's website
  • Fallen originally aired on July 23, 2006, followed by a few repeat airings
  • Fallen is based on the book series (1,2,3,4) by Thomas E. Sniegoski, however it is inspired - not a direct adaptation. There are plot differences which indicate that Fallen, from ABC Family, is its own entity.
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