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Gary, seen in the fourth vision.
Gary, seen in the fourth vision.
The part of Gary was played by Alastair Love.

Gary and Joy are Faith's foster parents

  • They found Faith abandoned as a child and raised her, putting up with her unusual abilities and actions, until she was 8 years old, before enrolling her at Bethlehem Conservatory in Connecticut.
  • Their last names are currently unknown
  • Their location of residence is currently unknown
  • They no longer live where they were when they last had Faith (approx. 1996) (ref)


  • Faith believes he didn't like her, since: I used to draw all over the place even on the walls. Gary wasn’t very patient and he hated me for it. He yelled at me and he would lock me in my room and sometimes I wasn’t even allowed to leave the house for days and he hated me, even though I was only a little kid. (ref)


  • specific information not yet known
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