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Chronological Outline

This page lists a relatively summarized history of events to date in the Ocular Effect ARG. For a detailed in-game timeline of events, see the [ Timeline ].

Pre-July 17, 2006

Mon, July 17, 2006

  • at 10:00 EST, the countdown on 00112358.net ends, revealing another interactive flash animation
    - A floating sphere, which moves slightly with mouse activity, is partnered with a floating translucent yellow 'sphere', which in turn is also partnered with a floating translucent aqua coloured symbol
    - Clicking the aqua symbol continues the flash, showing a number of concentric rings covered in symbols. On shifting the rings until the symbols match up, the user is presented a vision, then redirected to the homepage of one Miss Vix, the owner of a tattoo business
  • Miss Vix mentions in her blog that she found and hired a girl named Faith who recently ran away from the Bethlehem Conservatory
  • On viewing the conservatory website, the Alumni page lists Faith Arella as missing, and is looking for information to help find her.
  • We find that Oculareffect.com has also now returned to its 'original' owner, Kane Winthrop
  • We scan through all the entries of Miss Vix's blog
  • We also find Faitharella.com, and all her previous Blog-Faith blog entries

Sun, July 23, 2006

  • The Fallen ABC Family movie airs, and attracts many newcomers to the ARG (via Helpfindher.com), in an attempt to help find Faith

Thu, July 28, 2006

  • Fallen airs again on ABC Family, attracting more people to the mystery
  • Faith adds an entry to her blog containing a video and a brief introduction to 'her world' - a corner of a room with various tattoo illustrations posted. Of note: one page has a digitally blurred rectangle over a portion of the illustration.

Mon, July 31, 2006

  • Miss Vix posted a newspaper scan of the article about Faith that she referred to in an earlier blog post.

Fri, August 4, 2006

  • EWO posted an update to his news on Oculareffect.com, including images of people at Comic-Con who received a 'Faith' tattoo, some carrying a CD leading us to DVJ Kriel

Tue, August 8, 2006

  • A new rune appears on 00112358.net, where clicking it takes us to a second puzzle, where solving it presents us with another vision, showing us that there may be a series of Visions revealed relating to various people.
  • Faith adds two entries to her blog, one backdated to the 7th, wherein she discusses her visions, her confusion about the cheque she received, and recalling her childhood with her foster parents.
  • Faith also posts a video blog wherein she reveals that she's leaving Vix Tattoos to 'follow her visions' with the cheque she was given, as she was urged to; but she lets us know she'll still be updating her website with photos and videos and such.
  • Later at night, Faith makes a post saying she got an email from a girl in London about Kriel performing in Florida, so she's jumping on it and travelling to Tampa to find him because of his eerie connection with the symbols she saw.
  • DVJ Kriel travels to his hometown of Gibsonton, FL and performs at a private event.

Wed, August 9, 2006

  • Faith uploads her video from the previous night in Florida to her blog, where she observed a girl at Kriel's event essentially die, and paramedics couldn't revive her; but 'something shifted', and the girl started breathing. She waited and met up with Kriel afterwards to get some info from him, and he tried to avoid her until she showed him her tattoo (which is not on his site), at which point he decided to give her a card for her to call him later to talk.
  • Miss Vix posts her farewell to Faith
  • EWO posted an update to his news on Oculareffect.com, outlining the discoveries to date regarding Kriel and the latest Oculus rune.

Fri, August 11, 2006

  • EWO posted an update to his news on Oculareffect.com, reviewing Faith's initial meetup with Kriel in Gibsonton.
  • Faith posts a long blog entry talking about her adventures in Tampa with Kriel. She gives us 4 photos, and 5 videos: 1) meeting Huston the Illusionist 2) a little 'interview' with Kriel 3) our introduction to Madam Steph's place in Showtown, USA 4) the first half of her tarot session with Steph 5) the second half of her session, where we finally see the tattoo of Faith's that she's talked about

Sun, August 13, 2006

  • After her visit with Steph, Kriel took Faith on a tour of his hometown and area; Faith posted an entry giving us some photos of the beach where Kriel 'died', and various other places, and a quicktime VR image from the beach (we still don't know which).
  • Faith adds another video asking us for help in figuring out Madam Steph's reading, and where she needs to go next - given the clues: 1) a lofty summit 2) a monkey man. She also mentions that people can post in their own blogs, and she'll find them through trackbacks
  • On sending Faith an email referring to the Lofty Summit in Australia, she replies in kind.

Wed, August 16, 2006

  • The Oculus on 00112358.net has presented us with a third rune, where clicking it takes us to puzzle #3. On solving it, we're shown vision #3, wherein we travel to Australia and witness the assault of an unknown man whose car broke down. We are passed on to Clarenceparkbandb.com - the Clarence Park Bed & Breakfast Inn, located nearby the Miracle Mile and Mount Lofty, Adelaide, to where we believe Faith is now travelling.

Thu, August 17, 2006

  • Faith posted more photos from her trip to Tampa (she's quite the photographer), while stopping over at LAX on her way to Australia. She also showed us a nice coincidence - in one photo she took, she realized afterwards that the name on the box was also Arella. Funny coincidence, no relation.
  • EWO updated Oculareffect.com with another summary news item to date.

Sat, August 19, 2006

  • We hear about Faith's experience flying to Australia in her latest entry. She shows us her cheap motel room, and that night she's woken in fear thinking she heard someone in her room, recording it in what feels a nostalgic Blair Witch flashback.

Sun, August 20, 2006

  • Faith finds the Miracle Mile and waits for the bus. She records her experience and tells us about it in a blog entry, along with some video interviews from a few riders, including the bus driver. She gets a clip of a mysterious man with a white hat standing on a driveway as the bus passes by. After she interviews the driver, we see a monkey hanging at the front.
  • On informing Faith about the monkey in the video (which she missed), she responds with another email, that she'll try to find the bus driver in the morning, and find out if he's the 'monkey man' she's looking for.

Mon, August 21, 2006

Tue, August 22, 2006

  • Faith visited Mike Miles's home, met his parents since Mike wasn't home at the time, but only recorded a bit in her video blog. She tells us that after meeting with Mike again and learning about him, they planned to head to the outback tomorrow to see where Mike apparently started seeing the same symbols Faith sees.

Thu, August 24, 2006

  • Faith and Mike visit the place where Mike was carjacked and assaulted. The man with a white hat is captured again in a photo. We find out that Mike has a tune in his head since the event. Overnight Mike's journal is stolen, and tracks are found in the sand that disappear suddenly. Driving back, Mike claims to see a black car which Faith does not. On pulling over, Faith finds a note mysteriously laying beside their car with the name of the lawyer from Seattle, and their departure is fearfully hastened.

Sat, August 26, 2006

  • Faith sent out a mass email, updating us about her events with Mike, and telling us about some paranoid emails she received from Kriel and Madam Steph. Kriel's agent received emails notifying them of 00112358.net and how it shows images of Kriel, warning them to be careful because Kriel may be in as much danger as Faith and Mike.

Mon, August 28, 2006

Tue, August 29, 2006

  • A new rune shows up on the Oculus, giving us a new vision, and forwarding us to a page on Bethlehemconservatory.org which lists a brief profile for Dante Gooderman, including his login. Logging in as him leade us to a personnel only page, and a recruitment report with details about a number of other 'youth' who seem to be under surveillance.
  • EWO sent out a new email updating us on his new website design, and informing us that Faith will be working with EWO and others now that she knows about the Oculus and the possible threat therein, and will be available for a live chat on Aug 31, at 9pm ET.

Thu, August 31, 2006

  • Faith updated her blog telling us about all she learned from EWO and finding out about this community and the oculus. She also quotes the time of her live chat.
  • Starting at 9pm ET, Faith's live video chat opens up on Oculareffect.com, allowing people to sign in and ask questions. Watch the video or read the transcript here.

Fri, Sept 1, 2006

Wed, Sept 7, 2006

  • It's Faith's Birthday today! (see the card)
  • A new rune and puzzle showed up which after solving, shows us a vision of a woman in India, and directs us to Oculareffect.com
  • The community section of BC was updated with an Alumni report and a Runic report, the latter from which we now have some symbols' sound translations, in turn giving us the translation for the tattoos on Faith's stomach, thus Faith's next location - Palitana, India.
  • Faith posted a new blog to thank us for the birthday card (and gets cake in the face), and she shows us a message Mike secretly recorded for her while they were camping saying he'd be willing to accompany her on her journey, then she says farewell to Adelaide while Mike gets his innoculation shots. She's heading to India now.

Fri, Sept 9, 2006

  • Faith arrives in India, and we're given a tour by Jignesh, meeting many people, including a snake charmer/magician who appears to eat scorpions. She also shares a video of a mysterious girl with wings in a basement that freaks both Mike and Faith out.

Sat, Sept 10, 2006

  • The next day Faith recounts her search for the healer woman, Ama, after not being able to find the girl again. They visit Ama's shrine, and are going to meet Ama's daughter Ghita tomorrow.
  • EWO opened his Unexplained Pics section on Oculareffect.com for unexplained paranormal photos, including one photo of birds captured strangely in a cross shaped formation. He invites people to send in original paranormal/unexplained photos for discussion and research, and sent out another mass email update.
  • Steph replies to an email inquiring about Faith and the tarot reading.

Sun, Sept 11, 2006

  • Faith meets with Ghita, who eventually shares Ama's story of her death experience, and how she began to see symbols and received healing powers. Ama vanished, her house was cleared, and hasn't returned. She also gave Faith an atlas of Ama's

Mon, Sept 12, 2006

  • Faith shares again more about her feelings, a few pictures from India, and a video from the top of a mountain where she has emotional outburst from the stress.

Tues, Sept 13, 2006

Wed, Sept 14, 2006

  • New files are discovered in the secure section of BC after logging in - a genetic report, and two short surveillance videos from India and Adelaide, Australia. Faith's not only been followed, but watched and recorded!

Thu, Sept 15, 2006

  • Faith is overwhelmed by the emails she's receiving telling her places to go all over the world. She posted a new panorama (in which we see he man with a white hat hiding again), and Google Earth KMZ locations for Kriel, Mike, and Ama's 'death spots'.
  • The 6th rune appears on the oculus, leading us to the next puzzle, vision, and location - Mt.Ararat, Turkey.

Fri, Sept 16, 2006

  • Faith and Mike have left India and are now in Turkey, on their way to Ararat.
  • EWO posted a new picture which shows us the symbol for Fingal's Cave in the British Isles (near Scotland).

Sat, Sept 17, 2006

  • Faith updates us on her time in Turkey with a few pictures (the man with a white hat creepily appears numerous times), her time with Mike, and tells us they'll be walking around Istanbul tomorrow.
  • A link to a video was posted fairly anonymously in the forums from Sao Paolo showing a large grafiti symbol- the one seen in the most recent oculus puzzle.

...Continued in the Recent News section of the home page...
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