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August 29, 2006

Vision #4
  • retrieved by clicking this symbol on
  • could be referred to as the flat rune.
  • clicking presents us with puzzle #4
  • solving leads us here
  • on completion, we're directed to Dante's dropbox

Watch the vision

  • we also hear a number of narrations through the vision
  • in the background is a gentle progressions of notes

listen to the audio (mp3)

Significant Imagery
  • a number of additional and repeat images of Faith as a child

Narration: (woman's voice) "My little girl, I love you so much, but I will never ever see you in this life."

  • presumably Faith childhood home (with angel statue), while living with her foster parents
  • Faith drawing on the fence, a different perspective from an earlier vision with her father Gary watching through the window
  • Gary seems annoyed

Narration: (man's voice) "Gonna go to a new school, Faith. I don't know what to do with you any more."

  • mysterious figure, seated at a boardroom table; a member of the Conservatory board hidden in shadow?

Narration: (man's voice) "Tell me now - what do these signs mean, Faith? They tell me that you have a secret."

  • a DNA sequence, hinting at genetic research at some level
  • A girl reading, and drawing a tattoo on her wrist
  • background image showing blood vessels
  • a closer look at the scene with Faith arranging runes on pieces of paper; the runes appeared coloured

Narration: (girl's voice) "We have to get out of here. This place is dangerous."

  • the vision moves up and we see the girl's reflection in the mirror
  • is it Faith?
  • the long hallway of the conservatory

Narration: (girl's voice) "Haven't you ever noticed? Nobody ever graduates from the Bethlehem Conservatory."

  • well hidden image of the syringe in the background
  • repeated visions from earlier, but video, and more detailed
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