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August 17, 2006

Musical Oculus, Faith off to Oz

The Oculus continues to reveal new runes and puzzles. Its latest addition, accessed through the rune depicted below, is a quandry of the musical variety. See below for the configuration, but you really have to visit the Oculus and try it for yourself!


Thanks to the intrepid researchers who have joined us on the Oculus Effect message boards, a solution to the puzzle was found. The clue, it seemed, was embedded in the song "The Messenger," created by DVJ Kriel and posted in a video as well as a downloadable MP3 file on his personal web site. Whoever is behind the Oculus must have heard this music and used it in the puzzle. Are we being toyed with?


By entering the correct sequence of notes (above) taken from Kriel's song "The Messenger," we were able to open a new "vision." This one, as ethereal as the last, shows a series of stacatto scenes. Some contain violence in a desert. A warning, perhaps?

Faith Arella has become quite the globe-trotting tattoo artist. From her home in Seattle, she flew off to Florida, where she met DVJ Kriel and his odd associates. Now, it seems Australia is in Faith's future. Is an Australian desert the one shown in the latest Oculus vision? Share your thoughts on our message board!

An oasis, or just a cruel mirage?


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