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Currently known web URLs

In-game, Referenced

URL Description (detail) Original 'rabbithole' site with flash (detail) Homepage of Miss Vix's tattoo business: Vix Tattoos (moved from MySpace) (detail) Originally referenced from Miss Vix's blog "Faith is dynamite"
Home website of Bethlehem Conservatory (detail) Homepage of Faith's blog (detail) Homepage of DVJ Charles Kriel
Likely a real-world DVJ commissioned for a video and MP3 (see detail) related to Fallen (detail) Homepage of Clarence park Bed & Breakfast Inn (detail) Homepage of the law firm of Gooderman and Monroe

Related, Unreferenced

URL Description Flickr profile for 'Madam' Steph Waller Steph's profile on her company Alla Breve Steph's real weblog Uncertain if in-game or fan-made, Faith's Flickr

Meta Sites, official and fan

URL Description (detail) Website that was temporarily directing to, now considered to be the META home for the ARG Considered the official Meta forums for this ARG (detail) Found the link on a post on the Official Site. Contains a link with a Missing Flier for Faith. This website, the OE wiki (run by thebruce) Updated information blog (run by Pandora) Released videos browsable frame-by-frame (run by Shaze) Unfiction forums OE Discussion topic
IRC: #oculareffect
IRC Chat via browser
Or connect to and join #oculareffect


These sites not in-game, are not designed or maintained by the ARG PM's, and likely will incur some form of wrath if anyone connected with these sites is contacted excessively, especially if they have no idea what an ARG is. Do not pursue leads associated with these sites

URL Description Home site of the group running the ARG, Xenophile - no OE info will be located here Referred from various blog-enabled in-game sites, credited for the engine Referred from various blog-enabled in-game sites, credited for the engine Referred from Miss Vix's blog credits, for layout and design 'Chaotic Soul', by Bryan Veloso Referred from Faith Arella's blog credits, for layout and design

Update Feeds

URL Description RSS Miss Vix's blog
(mirror | LJ) RSS Faith Arella's blog
(mirror | LJ)
Meta sites RSS feeds: RSS Pandora's ongoing OE update blog
wiki change log RSS Feed of updates applied to this wiki

'Fallen' TV Series sites

URL Description Official ABC website for Fallen Watch the FULL MOVIE here!  
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