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EWO News Index

September 13, 2006

The Oculus sends Faith to India

September 13th, 2006 - The Oculus is beginning to be the source of much speculation in the Ocular Effect Community message boards! After Faith's live chat the boards were buzzing activity about where Faith's next destination might be. It just so happened that we had known it all along, and needed The Oculus to show us the way.


Working together with Faith, we managed to open the Oculus and see a much clearer image this time of a woman who survives a cobra attack and gains healing powers. It turns out that the Bethlehem Conservatory has some secret documents that have translated the symbols. The entire system is based on phonemes and the sequence on Faith's tattoo spell out PALITANA, a city in the northwest of India. This information was what sent Faith on her next adventure, but not before Mike decided that he should go along as well.

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The wonders of India

September 13th, 2006 - Faith's journey has taken some VERY interesting twists lately. Her trip to Palitana, a city filled with temples on all sorts of 'lofty summits' has uncovered what may be the most startling video I have ever seen. A young girl seems trapped in a basement, hiding from the light and with an unmistakeable feature - wings. My jaw dropped when I realized what they had just witnessed and I hurried to contact Faith. I needed to know where this child was located, for it seems a discovery in the paranormal realm or evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. I have always believed that there was more out there, for those who kept their eyes (wide) open.

But someone else must have known that Faith and Mike would return and carried away any evidence of the girl at all. Instead, Faith took Mike to the shrine for a local woman named Ama, worshipped by the locals even after her death. After seeing the vision sequence inside the Oculus, it is apparent that Faith was sent here by the Oculus - a premonition that proves the Oculus not only projects the past, but predicts the future.

Eagerly preparing for what the future brings,


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