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First 24 hours in Adelaide

August 19, 2006 4:11pm

(video - see transcription below)

I just landed yesterday in Adelaide after the longest, never ending plane journey I ever hope to take! First I flew from Tampa to LA. Then I got on another plane to New Zealand. Then I changed planes again and flew to Sydney, Australia and then I had to wait for hours before my last flight all the way across Australia to Adelaide which is in the south of Australia.

The flight from Sydney to Adelaide just goes over this endless, empty red desert. It really looks like another planet and it made me realize for the first time that I am in a totally different country now. I keep asking myself what am I doing here?!

Of course, I am completely exhausted. I don’t really know whether to eat or sleep or just wander the streets looking for monkey man.

I have to watch myself very closely right now because they drive on the left side of the road here am so jet lagged that I am like a zombie. Just an hour ago, I wandered right into traffic and was nearly hit by a car, though I think my guardian angel saved me just in time!

I just opened up my email and I can’t believe there are like a million messages there. I don’t even know where to start. If I take a while to get back to you guys, forgive me! You know why and you can always check in on me here.

Today, I’m planning to explore the city a bit. Adelaide seems like a really nice, clean little place though totally unremarkable so far. The people I have met so far are really friendly and nice and I love their accents. It is so cool but funny. I was asking the guy at the hotel for a pen but he couldn’t figure out what I wanted. It’s pronounced “pin” in Australian!

I noticed that some of you guys have found this Bed and Breakfast that seems to be connected to some weird miracles. I’m going to go and check it out. Thank you for looking out for me.

I’m still not sure what will come from the visit, but I’m going to press on and see what comes of it. Monkey Man, where are you?!

(video - see transcription below)



Welcome to Australia. Home of the gigantic coins! Look at these coins, I don't understand. I'll show with my hand here. [picks up coin in her palm] They are almost-- look at that! That's ridiculous! Why? What's the point? My favourite part is the fact that this is fifty cents. And this... [slides a smaller coin alongside] is two dollars! Doesn't make any sense, they're not proportioned at all. This is like, this is nothing.. but it's worth-- it's just silly. Ok, enough with the coins, before I get upset.

I'm in Adelaide, in my hotel room. It's not-- I know it's not that exciting, but it's not that bad. I have an amazing view, it's-- [opens the curtain] Oh, right, I'm a liar, it's a brick wall, with barred windows. It's only costing me 75 bucks a night. I know it's not clean, and I don't care. It's fine, it's the way I like it. I fit everything I'm going to wear on this little trip of mine in this one backpack. Which I think for a woman is's incredible. Brought my camera bag with me, got this fancy new video camera that I paid 700 bucks for. It's pretty fancy. It does things like this [turns on the flashlight while looking in the mirror] Ok, not such a good idea right now, but if it was night time it would be really cool, if it was dark in this room.

Let's check out my bathroom. Pretty boring; pretty standard. Toilets flush the other way I hear. Still haven't really seen it to understand it, and here I am [looking in bathroom mirror] this is me. With jet lag. Not looking so bad. I flew 5 planes to get here. 5 planes. I never want to see another plane for as long as I live. 36 hours. Which has obviously turned me into a crazy person who talks to herself in the mirror. I'm going crazy. I'm leaving now.

--cut to night in the room; black video--

Who's there??


[turns the camera light on and looks around, trying to remain calm]

ok... Ok, I don't see anything. I'm uh... obviously a little over-tired. I just, um. I thought I heard someone. But, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep, so... I'm just hearing things. So I'm going to go back to bed now.

Hey guys, I'm here in Adelaide, Australia. So far, I'm across the world from everything I've ever known, but it's cool. This is Victoria Square. It's kind of like the central area of the city. I thought it would be a great spot to make my first video. The flight was..uh, awful. I don't want to say awful, it was bad, it was 36 hours. I apologize if I'm a little crazy on this video but I feel like the jet lag hasn't set in yet, and I'm going to be seeing little leprechauns dancing around the streets pretty soon. But I met some interesting people already. I met these two bed and breakfast owners - they were advertising their place, which apparently is on the Miracle Mile. So get this, it's a bus route that goes through the suburbs of Adelaide, where people..people ride it who are hurt, or sick, because they think it will cure them. So I definitely have to check that out, that sounds a little insane. Other than that, it's just the cold - I mean, I'm freezing. I thought Australia was supposed to be warm. I know it's winter, but I wish I could come here in the summer. I've got to get myself a scarf, or sweater or something. And my first act of business I guess is to find this 'monkey man'. That sounds like a crazy statement, but I just need to find the nearest zoo, I guess? I dunno. I'm here, I'll talk to you guys soon. Ok? Bye!
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