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Please feel free to add any comments you may have regarding this ARG below. I created this page as a player-controlled resource for feedback regarding what appears to be the official (maybe)end of the ARG, announced November 11, 2006, via an online survey which referred to the ARG in the past tense, with questions referring to it as being completed.

  • Note: this is not an official ARG page, so there's no guarantee that TPTB will see this, but for our reference, it's nice to know what people think.

If you're not registered, please feel free to register so you can edit the page, otherwise contact someone who is registered, so they can add any comments of yours you wish to include.



from: thebruce

My opinion is mixed at this point - great experience, awful ending, from an ARG standpoint. They broke the curtain with the survey to find out about our experience, but they also wanted to leave the arg open by having EWO send out a 'last post... for now' type message. I find it ridiculous that they would end it like this, but it's better, obviously, than leaving us hanging indefinitely.

I'm definitely awaiting some kind of PM interview, or chat, or press release, or something to clarify exactly what is going on, or what happened here. My hope is that this simply was a lack of funding and they weren't able to complete what should have been complete, in which case, I can't blame them. But if this was all part of their plan...

shame on them. My final survey was fairly positive as it was a recounting of the experience, which was great. But for the ending? Come on... get serious. I agree with djsampson in that this was probably one of the worst ARG endings, if it was intentional. ARGs have ended before, but usually by a friendly notice from the PM(s) informing everyone of why. This is still such a vague ending that it's more frustrating than satisfying.


from: megiddo

I am also vey dissapointed. I have a lot of questions about how this ARG ended. I would also like to know how many of us were left "at the end". Is there any way to get a sign in sheet going to find out? I have looked at some of the response counters and they literaly were up in the thousands. I cannot believe that this ARG ended due to lack of participation.


from: djsampson

I want to start by saying that I had a great experience with this OE community. It was one of the closest group of ARG'ers I have ever been involved with. As far as the storyline I thought from the beginning this story was great as well as the characters. I enjoyed all of the puzzles that OE threw at us as well as the character interaction. The characters in OE were very well played and were believable and easy to relate to. my overall experience with OE was fantastic and the idea of OE going away makes me shutter in disbelief

As far as the clifhanger ending if that was our ending it was the worst in completed ARG history. There have been ARG which lost funding or ran dry that ended better than this one. SO many questions unanswered so many things left unfulfilled if this is the end I will not be happy. I as well as many other spent a lot of time invested in this game and if this was all they could give us with a soggy ending like that, then making us wait for weeks to get any word on anything. I think it is in the best intrest of the Ocular Effect, ABC Family, and the OE community to get on the ball and bring back Faith.


from: Krisper79

As a new ARGer I was amazed how fun this game was the first few months...until it hit a standstill! Im very disappointed that it had to end the way it did...so many unanswered questions! Even if it does come back Im not sure that I will want to continue. I never was able to take the survey because I never got the email...so I feel that this is probably the best way to say how I felt about the whole thing. Hopefully, if I do any other ARG's they will be better planned than this one.


from: Rockerenvy03

First of all, let me say that the community on this ARG was awesome. Even though this was my first ARG, it was definately special. It made me, initally, want to pursue other ARGs. It was fun. The puzzles kept coming, we were being constantly challenged, but someone was always able to figure it out. We went from there, our fascination growing.
Then it all stopped.
some might say, "Well, this was your first ARG. How could you know that the way they ended this was wrong?"
YOU try being son enthralled in something where you feel like you know the characters of the ARG yourself. They become family, just like the other members of the community. You begin to enjoy the puzzles and trying to figure them out. Nothing is off limits. The answer could be right in front of you, or require intense reaserch. You never knew. It was exciting. And then, it all comes to a pause. We began to think, "Oh, its just a little drought....it'll pass." A week became a month, and it went from there. The "little dorught" became a standstill, and it was horrible. We worked our butts to the bone on this ARG...AND FOR WHAT? Yes, I gained friends, people who I hope to work next to again someday. But as far as our character? We only succeded in running her into a cave where she never came out. This answered NONE of our questions, and in fact, left us with more. How was it right that we invest so much of our energy for this? Its not. End of story.
I have a feeling this ARG might pick up when the next installment of Fallen is relased. Whether or not I will come back and help again, is yet to be seen.
Its sad that we had to wait, and wait, hoping that something would come. Unfortunatley, something DID come. What was it you ask?
The End.

from: Lili

Ok. I doubt this is over. I've been posting that alot on the Ocular site. I've got two reasons for this.

1. The cloculus hasn't ran out yet. 2. There are too many questions left unanswered.

I don't know what the cloculus is going ot reveal but this can't be over yet. It couldn't have lost it's funding. ABC Family makes plenty money.


Editing my message. To everyone who thinks this is over, at least have a little hope left that it's not! I have alot of hope that this ARG will come back. If EWO is reading, please give us some sign if it's over or not.

from: Ogawa

Unfortunately, I am thoroughly convinced that the game, as of now, is over. My experience with the community and the game itself was overwhelmingly memorable and for that I commend ABC Family. The ending? Not so good. I suppose it had to end somehow, and as they described it as a cliffhanger I'm satisfied in believing that there will eventually be a conclusion, even if that ends up leaving us with yet more questions. For now I'd like to thank everyone involved for making the game something special - that includes the record-breaking halt for "Worst ARG Ending Ever". The puzzles were fun and challenging, the story engaging and the characters real. For the most part I can walk away happy from OE.

Then again, I don't think anyone can really walk away from something like that.

-- Ogawa

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