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Ama's Shrine

September 10, 2006 10:48pm

Mike tried to go back to find the winged girl earlier today but there was no trace left. We decided to follow the only other trail we had - to go to a shrine for a local healer woman from the area. On our way out to the shrine the small houses got smaller and more tent-like and the children started to come out in droves. They love the camera, they're so shy and fascinated with us. Mike started to give them little caramels and they were so excited and giggly. It felt kind of weird for them to be so amazed by us, I mean we're not that special or anything. These kids are amazing.

(video - see transcription below)

So the shrine. The shrine was made for a local healer, Ama, who was said to have had miraculous healing powers after recovering from a lethal cobra bite. I guess a couple of years after she had started to gain notoriety in the area she disappeared without a trace.

After hearing this story, Mike and I were almost sure that she had to be the snake lady that Madam Steph talked about. Mike, again, the guy is always ready to take this adventure to the next level, just started to ask all the worshippers if they knew who we could talk to about Ama. Well wouldn't you know it, he came running back up to me in like two minutes and told me we could go talk to Ama's daughter Ghita, a doctor who works in the next town. So we're heading there tomorrow, I think that the clues are coming together.



--coming soon--
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