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Dreams of distant places

September 13, 2006 10:08pm

Sorry about that video yesterday. This journey has been really tough and it never really feels like I'm making progress. I know that following my visions have led me all the way here but where is the final destination? Anyway, I felt that you guys would understand that this journey means a lot of different things to me, and sometimes they get pretty complicated.

I spent the next little while telling Mike about all of you. After going off like that I wasn't sure if telling him was the best idea - he's already starting to wonder if I'm a little crazy! But I'm really starting to trust him with my secrets, and I wanted him to know how important your help has been.

I had another one of those nightmares I've been writing to you about. They always wake me up in the middle of the night and I am so nervous that I wonder if anyone else is there. This last one was the worst. It was so real to me that I wish I could remember it all - I was in other places looking right at my symbols again. It's starting to feel like they’re everywhere and I'll never be finished searching.

(video - see transcription below)

I got a lot of emails asking for one thing - the atlas. It's been so interesting looking through the pages to see the way people saw the world years ago. Ama has scribbled things throughout - some of them familiar symbols from my work, some things in Gujarati and some drawings as well. This page is the one that I keep concentrating on - it was folded up and tucked deep into the margin of the atlas.

I know its difficult to read, but it's in English! It makes no sense at all because as far as I know Ama never learned English. After this trip I’ve learned that sometimes you get no explanations.

(video - see transcription below)

Mike thought that I should add this video so that you can see what I spend my time doing in India. He doesn't really understand why I'm sending this stuff, but I've promised him that you'll know how to help out.



--coming soon--


--coming soon--


Shrine video
  • Note the scrawlings that appear on the column beside Mike:
  • the three phrases that seem to be written on the Atlas page appear to spell out:
    • Stave of the Sturdiest Scots
    • Sanctuary of the Small Swords
    • Saint of the Serra do Mar
  • aside from the extreme S alliteration, each seems to be clue to a place:
    • Scotland
    • Shanghai
    • Sao Paulo state, Brazil
  • each clue also seems to point to something specific
    • Stave = staff/tool/weapon or song/verse
    • Sanctuary = place, city or building
    • Saint = person or animal
  • given these clues, possible answers may be:
    • Saint Paul
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