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India is an amazing mystery!!!

September 9, 2006 2:29pm

(video - see transcription below)

Guys, I have never been more excited in my life than I am right now. We flew all night from Adelaide to Singapore then another plane to Bombay then another plane to Bhavnagar which is only a short trip away from Palitana!

I feel completely transported from any other place I've ever seen or been to. The streets are all made of dirt. Cows line the sides of the roads which are filled with mopeds and motorcycles that are always honking. The odor is indescribable. It smells like a combination of cows and heat but other than that I can't explain it. There is dirt and filth everywhere but it's contrasted in the most dramatic way by the beauty of the brightly dressed women in saris.

Mike and I made it and hit the ground running. Today, we toured around Bhavnagar with our guide Jignesh. He was such a nice man. He basically just educated Mike and me all day long. We went and saw a traditional puppet show and a man possessed who put scorpions in his mouth for a living! I even got to ride an elephant. It was really, really cool.

(video - see transcription below)

Jignesh took us to a temple in the afternoon and we had a really fascinating talk about Hinduism. He told us about Karma and how it affects reincarnation. We had a good talk about how Hindus see the entire universe as one divinity. He was also telling us about the Jain religion which is big here too. It was really interesting. Mike was raised pretty Christian. Gary used to take me to church once in a while. My friend Jeremy is Jewish and Jignesh is Hindu. I found the variety comforting.

Then, just as we were saying goodbye to Jignesh we see this banner that said: "Creation of God: A Girl Flying with Wings". After all the religious talk, I guess Mike and I were just ready to check out some more miracles. Always the cocky Australian, Mike asked around and some guy told us to go through some doors where we would then see the girl.

Later, we looked for the banner to take a picture of it but it was gone. I don’t understand what we saw and I can't explain it in words. You just have to see the video. I'm starting to look at the world differently - I guess my eyes are opening too, Kane.

(video - see transcription below)



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