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First: The sigils are [[NOT]] enochian, armenian, aremaic, or hebrew (kabbalah)... I've checked. Some similarities but no matches.

Second: The sigils on the ABC family page that comes up when you transfer to the Occulus sight could be a letter for letter replacement for the word 'loading' or maybe even 'working'. There are of course other possibilities as well.

Lastly: My main informational compiled posts will be here from now on and not at the disscussion board on the ooculus sight. Less non vital or incorrect information is posted here hence less junk to sort through. Hope this helps for some people.

Go for it. Glad to have you around. I would suggest though that you do participate in the forums, and help keep all the thought processes together to work collectively, no matter how gut-wrenching it may be... :) Most people won't see the points you make here, since it's more for organizing known information than discussing it.

Take a look at the meta SiteRef and go to the Unfiction forums - the discussion tends to be much more civil and intelligent there.

--thebruce 10:09, 27 July 2006 (MDT)

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