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1) you'll note that I protected the front page - I do not appreciate personal messages being placed front and center on the public wiki. There are plenty of means for you to contact me privately.

2) it's not childish - I have the right to, because we will continue on and on while I defend myself and you criticize me. So, being the webmaster, I have the right to protect any page. I could have simply erased the entire page. Would you rather I do that?

3) re: "Can't you just agree to hold off any "solves" that you arrived at using decompiling, etc.?" Can't YOU just agree that my "solve" was not arrived at using decompiling?! How many times do I have to say it for it to sink in? Because of that, no, I won't promise that, because the path to the solution could have been achieved without looking at the source at all. So why would I hold back the solve just because I looked at the source, which didn't give me the answer?

4) I will promise that if I do achieve an answer through any controversial means, that cannot be achieved through non-controversial methods, then I will post it elsewhere and not in the OE forums. But as that hasn't happened yet, well, I haven't broken that promise. So in the same vane, you can also take that promise. What say you?

--thebruce 14:24, 18 September 2006 (MDT)

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