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The beach

August 13, 2006 12:29pm

Ok, this journey of mine is FREAKY!

We went to the beach yesterday because Charles and Madam Steph wanted me to go check out the spot where he died and came back to life. I wanted to take a bunch of pictures of us all there. The shots turned out pretty good and I’ve posted them up for you but I gotta warn you, this girl from Gibtown, who was the daughter of one of Charles’ old friends’ came along with us. I think she was a little off. You’ll see in the pictures! She insisted on posing with us and wearing this crazy donkey mask.

(Quicktime VR image)

Ultimately it was pretty powerful being there, especially for Charles, the magnetic energy in the air was just buzzing. I’m so glad I met him. He’s a wonderful guy. (And yes, we seem somehow connected. So strange since we’ve never met before. What is the common link though? How did this happen?).

Charles is leaving today, I guess I’ll be leaving soon too. I’ll write to you guys again soon.

Later... Faith

P.S. What can I say, it was surreal!


  • within the QTVR image, hidden in the long grass appears to be a man with a white hat
  • there's also a woman with a white wig on (some believe to be Madam Steph, and the daughter of an old friend of Kriel's with a donkey mask
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