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My first video from work

July 28, 2006 1:43pm

(direct link to video - see transcription below)


This is my world here. I'm a tattoo artist, I work in Seattle; I've set up my tripod in this little corner. I guess it's going to be my broadcasting area. I'm going to set up some of my pictures, some of my artwork, some photos I take around, and basically just share my life. So, hope you find it cool. See ya later.
Discussion points:
  • there is a blurred portion of the back wall which appears to be digital in nature (it's not the actual picture on the paper that's smudged, but a rectangular portion of the video). It would seem that a part of the picture on the back wall behind Faith, above and to our left, was not meant to be seen.
  • Faith appears to look at one point in the general vicinty of the blurred picture, as if drawing our attention to it.
  • the scorpions drawn in the background follow a suspiciously similar form as the symbols Faith sees but can't understand, as if her illustrations and tattoos are inspired by these glyphs.
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