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The Beginning

April 26, 2006 9:28pm

So heres the conversation that got me here:

Me: Alright, I love the concept but the top of your foot is a painful spot.
Guy who doesnt realize how much its gonna hurt: No problem
Me: Well sit down and lets do it
Guy: Ooooowwww! Ow! OW!
Me: So… You said you were in a band?
Guy who Im torturing with needle plus small talk: Yeah were playing the Dive tonight
Me: Cool thats a great venue
Guy reconsidering his decision: Yeah we pretty much print off our MySpace page and promoters just sign us up. Weve got over a thousand friends.
Me: Cool. (Cool is what I say instead of We are going to stop talking now)

(Here Ill skip over the five minutes of ow)

Guy obviously needing distration: So yeah we just send out an announcement to our list and we dont need to flyer or anything.
Me: You dont poster at all?
Guy who has suddenly become interesting: No way online is much better for us
Me: Do you think itd get me any clients?
Guy: Sure man, throw your stuff up there and see. Ow.

And thats how I ended up with two things this website and my new favorite tattoo!



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