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Live Video Chat with Faith Arella, August 31, 2006

On Thursday at 9pm ET, Faith teamed up with Kane Winthrop to provide a 25 minute live video chat from Australia through

Below are three methods to seeing it. You can download the video directly from OE, you can watch it on this page via Google Video, or you can read the transcript below.




So hi, everyone. I'm here in Adelaide, Australia, in a lovely internet cafe. It's about 10:30 here, I think that makes it about 9 back home. I'm not really sure what the time difference is. I guess you all know that Kane has set this up for me to talk to you. I have to admit I do feel a little weird, so many people out there listening. But Kane's informing me here that you can't see what he's writing, but I can so I guess I'm going to be in charge.

So I guess... I don't know how much you know about me. My name's Faith Arella, I'm from Seattle, I'm a tattoo artist. I've ended up on this bit of a crazy journey which has taken me to Adelaide. It's a really long story. It started out with me inheriting some money and following a DJ to Tampa, and basically just meeting wonderful people that I found connections with; Taking the advice of others, and following my own intuition I guess. And the help of all of you, this community that I didn't know existed until a few days ago.

And that's mainly why I'm here. A few days ago, something was pointed out to me. Kriel led me to this 'Oculus'. And I don't know what to make of it. It seems to have images from my life, which I can't explain how they got there. Because they're memories that I have, but they're not photos that I have, so someone out there seems to be a little bit obsessed with my life, and this journey. Because Kriel's in there, and Mike's in there. I don't know if you know who those people are, but they're people I've come in contact with in the last little while, and they've ended up in this Oculus.

So Kane and I decided- well, he advised me that if I talk to you guys, answer some of the questions you have, maybe we can put our heads together and figure this thing out. So let's give it a try.

I am getting questions already. I have one from...


Okay, I guess you know more than I thought, I'm sorry, I don't mean to babble on about my life, you probably already know. Um, Bethlehem. I left about 2 years ago, ya I had to sneak away. It wasn't like a jail or anything, it was more like a boarding school. But I felt very trapped there, and I came to a certain age where I was realizing things just didn't seem right. So I decided on my birthday because I would be changing rooms that night, I found an opportunity to break out of there. And that's that.

Um, ket's see. I have one from, I can't read this name, it's


Yes. So, the man in the white hat. I don't know who he is. That's another recent alarming discovery I made. I took these pictures, these panoramic pictures... Mike and I spent a night out in the desert, or I don't know, the Outback or whatever, as Australians call it. And I took this panoramic photo, it was of me and Mike, and this cool junkyard car that we found, that was near his... He had a bit of an experience, a bit of a near death experience that he shared with me. And we took this panoramic picture, it was just of the two of us. But when we developed it later on, I noticed this guy, in a white hat. Which even as I say, sounds obviously insane, but he was not there. I took the picture, like, we were standing there. So I haven't seen him lately. He's kind of just a recent discovery I've made.

Let's move on. I have another question from


  • Do you know what your symbols mean?

Uh, no. I don't. They're just the only thing that has been constant in my life, these symbols that I see. I don't know what they mean. I decided I'd share them with the world, by tattooing them on other people. I know they mean something, they have to, but I don't know what it is. So no, I don't. That's kind of what I'm trying to figure out.

Okay, next question. I have one from by


  • Hello, I'm ashley. Hi, Ashley. What was your life like at Bethlehem Conservatory? Lots of details please.

Um, well, it was like a boarding school. It wasn't a really pleasant experience, but at first it was just fine to me. I was eight years old when I started there. What does an eight year old know? It seemed like a normal school. Later I started learning more about it. I learned that it was a school for gifted children, and it was supposed to help these gifted children sort of, find their place, because they... all of us had these unique qualities to us, like any person does, but for some reason we ended up in this school together. The older I got, I reached a certain point where it didn't seem normal any more. I didn't seem like I was being helped at all. It seemed like I was being watched, and monitored, and questioned, and poked and prodded a little bit, and just not.. I didn't feel.. I just felt very trapped, and I had to get out.

Okay, new question.


  • Did anyone else leave with you?

Yes. My friend, well he was like my little brother, his name's Jeremy - Jeremy Hill. He's just this awesome kid that, well we kind of bonded. And we both wanted to get out of there, and I kind of took him under my wing a bit and we left together. We hopped a train, that night I was telling you about on my birthday, when I was changing rooms, I kind of included Jeremy in my plan, and he wanted to go, but I've lost touch with him. I haven't really talked to him in a while. I'm sure he's in Seattle somewhere, I don't know, under a bridge reading a book or something.

Yeah, it's weird because with Jeremy, I don't really know where he went, or why he would leave me when I was kind of all he had. And I actually wanted to write a blog, I don't know if I sent it, where I just wanted to ask anyone if they'd seen him, or had any touch with him, because I really got along with him, and we had a really great friendship.

Okay, next question. So Kane, I'm not really getting any questions right now, but that's ok. Oh there's one here...

  • Do you know that the Bethlehem Conservatory is looking for you? They mentioned it on their website and they put out a missin poster.

Yeah, I did know that. I don't want to be aggressive here, but the Bethlehem Conservatory is really in the past. That's why I don't want really to talk much about it or to get people too fixated on it, because it's not something I want to go back to. Ever. I have no interest in going back there. I left there for a reason, and I really don't like the idea that they're looking for me. And I don't know if they're connected to all this. To this crazy oculus, with memories and my voice. I don't know if you guys have heard this thing, but it has my voice in it. Saying things about Bethlehem.

--Shifts bit looking to her right--

I'm obviously speaking too loudly, I think the person in the next cubicle thinks I'm crazy.

But, what was I... the voice. Yeah, they have my voice in this oculus, and that was one of the scariest things, besides the fact that they have me as a small child. Which I don't even know where they would get that. But I'm starting to piece together this conspiracy theory that maybe Bethlehem is behind the oculus, or something... I don't know where they would get the voice from. that's something I said to Jeremy at Bethlehem. So, I don't know where else they would have got it from.

--Faith looks around and past the camera--

I think the guy wants me to give him more money or something. I think... the cashier was looking at me like I'm taking too long at the computer.

Okay, I am getting another question now. I think Kane was taking a nap.


  • Were you scared when you started getting these visions and seeing symbols?

No, I wouldn't really say it's a scary thing, because it's been happening since before I can remember. It's been happening since I was a kid, so it's not so much scary, it's just something I don't know, something I don't really know what it means. So, if that makes it scary, no it's not scary. It makes me curious. That's what I'd say.

Okay, next question. Another one from


  • Why do you think that no one ever graduates from BC?

Ok, Bethlehem Conservatory, I'm obviously assuming. It's not so much that no one graduates, that was the belief I had for a while, that no one gets to leave, but people do leave - they just kind of disappear. Normally, I would assume - I've never attended a normal school so what would I know - but I would assume that people graduate, and you'd hear about their lives and how they were doing, and they would come back and visit, or at least people'd discuss them. But at this school it was like people just dropped off the face of the planet. There was no ceremony, they would just be gone one day, and you would never hear about them again. You'd ask the teacher how so-and-so was doing, like my friend Miranda that was old than me, and she just was gone. And they wouldn't want to talk about it, at all; they would just change the subject. So that was weird, clearly.

Ok, next question. I have one from


  • Is there anything DJ Kriel told you about the nature of the symbols that you would like to share with us.

Well, Kriel had a lot of answers for me. He also had a lot of questions himself. So together we had some ideas and some theories, I mean, we know that he doesn't know exactly where the symbols come from either. So we both agreed on that. We don't know why we see them, but we know we see them. With him it's different because it wasn't something he's been seeing since he was born, or since before he can remember, or since as a child, even, it started at a very specific time. So that, that makes us different, which I found at first a little frustrating, because I wanted us to have that connection. Someone else like me, that's been tortured by these visions and these symbols their whole lives, which he doesn't have. So why he started so late in life, and why it happened after his near death experience, I mean, we can only speculate. But I feel that I did learn a lot from him, and even just to have someone else out there like me was extremely gratifying.

Okay, let's move on. I have one

  • Have you ever experienced a near death experience yourself?

Well I haven't, no. Both, I guess you guys know already, Mike who's my friend that I've made here in Australia, and Kriel, have had these simliar near death experiences - of course they're very different, but they're similar in the fact that they felt that they had passed, and then come back, or had come close to death, like been on the brink of death, and then come back and both of thesse experiences are related to their seeing of these symbols. I don't know how that conencts the three of us, because I haven't had a near death experience, so, yeah, no.

Okay, question... I have one asking

  • Where did your last name come from?

Well, it means 'messenger' in Hebrew, that I know, and it was given to me by nuns who took me in when I was just a baby. And they gave me that name, and my foster parents who later took me in never changed it. They just decided to keep it. So that's my last name.

Next question. I have one from


  • Do you have any idea where you are going to head next?

No. I don't. That's another reaon I really wanted to talk to you guys. You've been a huge help to me this far. And I'm here and I don't know what my next move is. I've been looking, or thinking about dreams, and wishing that my dreams would point me in some kind of direction. Madam Steph was the woman that I met in Tampa. You probably might alreayd know that. We did a tarot card reading, and she told me specifically to listen to my dreams, and I've been doing that, and I've been paying very close attention, but I'm not getting what I need. I'm not getting any clues, so I mean that's why I'm doing this. With you guys, maybe you've seen something or noticed something in a blog I posted or a picture, because you seem to notice something more than I do because I'm the one behind the camera, I'm not studying them. So if you ahve any ideas as to where I should go next I'd love to hear them. Cool.

I'm going to move on. Okay... I can't believe all these questions, like you guys know so much about my life, it's really really weird. Because I had no idea that this community existed until just a few days ago, and imagine my surprise. I find this oculus, and the next thing I know is that there's a site dedicated to studying this oculus, and this community that's... it's comforting, I don't want to make it sound like it's only creepy, I mean it's nice to know that I have these people that are interested in my journey and want to help me, and want to look for clues with me and help figure out what I'm doing, because really I don't know half the time, where I'm going next, or what it all means. I just have this feeling that this journey is important. And so, I do appreciate you guys being here.

Okay, next question. One from


  • Are the symbols you see, the same ones Kriel and Mike see? Are they the same symbols as shown on the oculus?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, is that they are the same. And it all seems to be connecting to where? What? I don't know. That's what I'm trying to figure out, if they're the exact same symbols. It's like you... I see these symbols that I don't know what they mean, they mean nothing to me, really. And then someone else out there so far away from me-- --Faith is distracted-- Oh, that was a loud noise, in this place. -- Someone out there, far away from me sees the same thing. And this isn't something that is common knowledge, it's just this personal image that I have seen and drawn a million times since I was a child in journals, on my walls. I would take crayons and just draw, for hours and hours. It was pouring out of me, and I couldn't turn them off. I could just close my eyes, but I could still see them. I still do see them, all the time. You know, they change colours, they get bigger or smaller, but they're still there. And to think that some other people that I don't know, are seeing the same thing. It's incredible. ...I went on a bit of a tangent there.


  • Have you ever made any attempt to contact your birth parents?

Well I wouldn't really know how, I mean I've kind of connected them to my symbols myself. I just think that there has to be some connection there. These things didn't come out of nowhere. So, I like to think that my symbols will lead me to my birth parents. And that maybe this whole journey, that's what I'm looking for. That's what I was, I am looking for. It just seems to be spinning a little out of control right now. And that's why I tattooed them on others, so that my symbols can travel and you know, if my parents ever see them then they'll contact me.

Okay, next question.


  • Hey Faith, can you say something random to prove that this is real and not recorded?

That's ridiculous! Um, what can I say that's random. It's really cold in Australia. Man, is it cold! I had to buy a scarf from Salvation Army, it's that cold. I don't know what I was thinking, I guess I just wasn't thinking about weather in this whole crazy thing, so I find myself very cold. Is that random enough? I'm not even sure. How would you think this is recorded? I'm sitting in a cafe, just chatting with you guys. Anyway, we're moving on. That was random enough. Avlishlash... if that is your real name.

Anyways, question. Okay, I've got one here

  • Do you have wings?

No! What are these questions? Come on. This isn't helping, that's a weird thing to say. No I don't have wings. Do you have wings? Anyways. And now I have a bit of a pause. I guess there's a problem. Kane, can I have some questions please? This is such a bizarre experience for me, I'm just sitting here answering questions from strangers. I don't even know where you guys are from, or how you've come across this whole thing. I know that you've been emailing me a lot, because I got here and my email was crazy flooded, and I can't even attempt to get back to all of you. That was another reason I felt good about this. Was I could somehow contact you, because I know you've been contacting me, but I can't, I'm overwhelmed by them. And I'm busy half the time trying to figure out what this all means anyways, but I do appreciate you trying to contact me. And I wish I could get back to all of you. Maybe one day.

Oh, we're back! Okay I have a question here

  • Do you believe your tattoos have special powers?

Hmm. I know maybe, I know Vix posted a newspaper article about me, which I didn't really want her to do - it's embarrassing - In Seattle, I worked in a tattoo parlour, you all know that, and some people think that my tattoos have special powers. How do I even say that with a straight face. Maybe they do, I dunno, I like to believe in things, I just sometimes find myself saying them out loud, and wondering if they can be real. So I have a little fanbase at home that thought my tattoos were magical, which was a nice idea I guess.

Okay, question. I have another one here...

  • Why isn't the conservatory answering any emails?

Um, I don't know. Why is anyone emailing the conservatory in the first place? Look, maybe I haven't made myself clear, or maybe there's been a misunderstanding here, but there's no reason for you guys to email the conservatory especially about me, that's totally against everything that I would want. I don't want to go back to the conservatory and I don't want people emailing them about me, or even emailing them on my behalf. Whatever! I don't want to have anything to do with that place any more. At all. Ever. Again. Never. So I wish you guys would just please drop that subject. And please don't email them. I don't know anything about how to email them anyways. I wouldn't try to contact them.

Okay, I'm going to move on.


  • How can I get one of your tattoos?

Okay, that's nice. I'm busy right now. Maybe one day. You can look me up in Seattle. If I ever go home. Okay I have one more here.

  • I like your tattoos. (Thank you!) I haven't seen any of them though. Do you have any more?

Yeah, I tattoo. I pick places where you can't really see them every day, because they're personal to me and for me, but uh I have... I'll show you guys something, it's one of my favourites.

--Faith stands up and rolls up her shirt to show her stomach--

If you can see it, (see clip below) there we go. That's one I did a little while ago. It's pretty good, and um, that was a little weird. I feel odd that I just flashed my stomach to a camera, broadcasting to people. So maybe we've gone a little too far here.

Thanks so much for everything, and this has been fun and bizarre. And I hope to talk to you all very soon. Bye.

--end broadcast--


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