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July 23, 2006

The Oculus has opened!!!

What a week! Getting the site bugs out now that I've got possession once again. It's great to see so many people jumping on the message boards - we're putting together some really amazing discoveries already! But before we go too fast, let's get the first things out of the way.

If you can see the photo right below this text - then your jaw is probably on the floor as low as mine. The countdown struck zero on Monday July 17th and hung there for a minute. REFRESH REFRESH until my fingers were sore and bang - this sphere starts floating in the middle of my screen, orbited by a glowing ball.

Everyone has been noticing a few things right off the start - the sphere moves as you move your mouse around the screen and the only thing that allows us to interact is the turquoise symbol hovering on the edge of the orbiting hologram. When you click on it...

The entire Oculus spins around - revealing runes that look etched into the tiles on the surface. Does anyone have a lead on these? I have seen some similar examples in Enochian but nothing that seems to match exactly. My initial reaction is that this object looks hand made, carved into tiles and molded into a sphere. Inside we find this:

This looks like some kind of combination lock, with three concentric rings that spin independently. Rudimentary and simple, the lock opens by aligning three symbols - there does not seem to be any difference depending on which symbol you choose. When you open this lock, a bright light washes everything out and enters a sequence of clouds that rush out toward you.

A still image of one of the clouds that appears in the Oculus - seems to be pointing us to a school found at - they have absolutely no references to the Oculus on their site. Why would this school have their crest in this vision?

Finally the Oculus ends with this image - a girl looking off into the distance. This girl seems to reappear many times in the sequence along with a young girl - is it the same girl? We have a hunch that she may be Faith Arella, who has just started a weblog and works at Vix's Tattoo Parlor.


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