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- in reverse chronological order


Reference(s): starting from Faith's Sept 16 blog

Approx. Timeframe: Approx Sept Sept 17, until ??


  1. Istanbul
  2. Ararat?



Reference(s): starting from Faith's Sept 6 email response (re: Palitana and India)

Approx. Timeframe: Approx Sept 7, until Sept 16


  1. Palitana
  2. Ama's shrine
  3. Ama's death spot



Reference(s): starting from Faith's Aug 13 email response (re: Mount Lofty Summit)

Approx. Timeframe: Approx Aug 17, until Sept 7


  1. Adelaide
  2. Clarence Park Bed and Breakfast
  3. Miracle Mile
  4. 28 Ways Road (home of Mike Miles)
  5. The Outback



Reference(s): Faith's Aug 8 through Aug 13 blog entries

Approx. Timeframe: Flew there Aug 8 after 10:30pm, until approx Aug 17


  1. Ybor City
  2. Tampa
  3. Gibsonton
  4. Showtown USA


  • On a tip from a girl in London, she flew to Tampa Bay to hunt down Kriel at his private event.
  • She found him in Ybor City, the club district of Tampa, at the club "The Castle" (real-world).

Seattle (within unknown 2 year span)

Reference(s): Repeatedly by Miss Vix and Faith herself in their blogs

Approx. Timeframe: Original arrival unknown, left Aug 8 - her last day at Vix Tattoos


  • This is where Faith received her job tattooing for Miss Vix
  • Likely was in Seattle for at least 2 months before being employed at Vix Tattoos - she knew Miss Vix for about 3 months (as of June 9, ref) and worked for her since May 29 (ref)

Tampa Bay (within unknown 2 year span)

Reference(s): A thumbnail image of Faith on

Approx. Timeframe: Any time between Sept 7 2004, and late May 2006 (when working for Vix)


  • The bridge in the background of this image is the Skyway Bridge crossing the bay, between St.Petersburg and Palmetto.

Bethlehem, CT

Reference(s): alumni page, various other locations

Approx. timeframe: September 10, 1996 (age 8), until September 7, 2004


  • This is where the school she attended, Bethlehem Conservatory, is located
  • She ran away to an unknown location on her 16th birthday, September 7 2004



Faith's blog of August 7, 2006
Alumni Report, status upon entry - 'MS'

Approx. timeframe: Since abandonment from birth parents, until 8 years old


  • Her foster parents, Gary and Joy raised her until she was 8 years old when she was 'sold out' to Bethlehem Conservatory
  • Originally, she was found by nuns who gave Faith her name "Arella" (meaning "Messenger" in Hebrew)

Timeline Summary

[Birth] -> [???] Abandoned
[???] -> [age 8] Mississippi
[age 8] -> [age 16 (Sept 7, 2004)] Bethlehem Conservatory, Bethlehem, CT
[Sept 7, 2004] -> [May 29, 2006] 2 years missing gap
- Visited Tampa, FL
- Moved to Seattle, WA
[May 29, 2004] -> [Aug 8, 2006] Vix Tattoos, Seattle, WA
[Aug 8, 2006] -> [Aug 18, 2006] Tampa and Gibsonton, FL
[Aug 18, 2006] -> [Sept 7, 2006] Adelaide and area, Australia
[Sept 7, 2006] -> [Sept 16] Palitana, India
[Sept 17, 2006] -> [???] Istanbul/Ararat, Turkey
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