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Feel free to register and help keep the wiki up to date! Please don't abuse the wiki, or banning will ensue. Below are some starting points for newcomers to the ARG.

[ Beginners Guide ] - if you're new to ARGs in general, or to Ocular Effect, here's a quick read to get you up to speed!

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Current Status Summary

  • Mike's headed home. Faith is missing. EWO is done 'for now'. The cloculus is ticking away.

Recent News

See Timeline for all

Nov 11

  • EWO sent a 'final' update, directing people back to Faith's recovered tape page, to read his 'final' post... "for now", which also included another video for Faith, from Madam Steph.
  • META: The puppetmasters issues a survey for all participants of the ARG, asking for input and feedback regarding their experience; many questions seem to say that the end has come, including references to the 'cliffhanger ending'.

Sept 28

  • A new 'promo' video appeared on the New Visitors page, including footage up to and including this point. It has also appeared on Youtube, like the original video. Could this be phase 2?

Sept 27

Sept 25

  • Mike found Faith's cameras in a bazaar amongst toys, at the base of Ararat (also note a white cowboy hat also on the table).

Sept 24

  • Mike sends his 5th update from Turkey, nearing Mt.Ararat.

Sept 23

  • EWO posted Mike's 4th video, where Mike begins to question himself, but finds the symbol from the vision that was left on the red container, getting re-energized in his search for Faith.

Sept 22

  • EWO posted a 3rd video from Mike as he's still 2 days behind Faith, and sounding quite 'loopy'
  • A new unexplained pic was added, showing someone appearing to be walking on water

Sept 21

  • After 3 days, Mike returned to the hotel in Turkey, found Faith's note and now has an email address for contact, setup by EWO, who was also sent 2 videos from Mike to post
  • Mike has been informed of Faith's location and is now heading to Mt.Ararat to find her.
  • EWO posted the 2nd video he received from Mike, who is about 2 days behind Faith in travelling by bus to Ararat.

Sept 18

  • Mike has gone missing.
  • A third unexplained pic was posted by EWO, sent from auroralightwing.
  • later, Faith posted again telling us she's going to Ararat without Mike, and if we're in contact with him, to tell him where she's going. She was being watched in her bedroom at night and her freaky video captured him.

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